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Orange and military broke into the final end of year 32
World Cup semi-finals begin Wednesday morning, 3 to 2 victory over Uruguay, the Netherlands, after a lapse of 32 years again after finals. This is the 3rd in the history of the Netherlands reached the final, will be the winner against Germany and Spain, the European team wrapped up the championship ahead of time. The first half, both long-range break captain JORDAN 2010 and Fran. The second half, Shinaizeer and Arjen Robben with the two cities under the former top scorer with five goals tied for place. M Pereira added-on time pulled one back. European champions the Netherlands ahead of lock is the only tournament victory of the team. Van Persie elbow injury did not prevent the appearance. Uruguay striker Soares and Rich Seeley suspended left-back, captain Lugano knee ligament injury, Fran wearing the captain's armband. Dutch Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Maxima attended cheer. The Netherlands lead the first 18 minutes, De Zewu assigned to the left, Nike Air Shoes tight times step, 30 meters in front of the left foot Nu She hit bypassing Muslera fingertips bomb inside the far post into the vertex , 1 to 0! He shot the first time in this tournament on the scores, was also the first three goals of the Netherlands in the World Cup captain. The first 27 minutes, Caceres barbed kicked Deze Wu chin, the Netherlands team is very satisfied with Shinaizeer rushed forward pushed Caceres, the referee nike chaussures sports timely intervention to calm disputes. Deze Wu for long-term treatment. Uruguay 41st minute tied the score, Gargano Road left foot forward pass, the ball changed line deduction Fran had back, 25 meters in front of the strong left foot volley Road, Stekelenburg misjudgment on the pitch the ball flew from the left hand side beams affixed network, 1 to 1! This is Fran 4 ball tournament. The second half, the Dutch attacking midfielder Rafael van der Vaart put Alife Chaussures coach, who replaced midfielder Deze Wu. 51 minutes, Alvaro Pereira left the door 32 meters away from the left foot directly at a small angle hanging doors, Stekelenburg back to catch less, but up against the top front Cheap Nike Shoes. Chudi Xian. 70 minutes to lead the Netherlands, Van Persie to turn around and do protect the ball cross the left edge of the area right foot volley hit Shinaizeer M Pereira slightly changed line the inside of his right thigh, Robin van Persie Road to extend the leg have not met the ball, the ball directly rolled into the far corner, 2 to 1. Uruguayan players protested that Robin van Persie in offside position goalkeeper interference, but umpire goals effectively. Shinaizeer also five goals tied Neeskens (1974) and Rensenbrink (1978) Dutch player to keep a record single-term goals. Robben headed home just had a rare 3 minutes, the Netherlands extend lead, Kuyt played the ball the left with right foot, Law of the front of the 9-meter bomb to impose a rare header into the bottom left, 3 to 1. Kuyt has dedicated three assists, and assists the other four players tied for top place. The first 84 minutes, S Fernandez replaced Fran endured combat thigh injury. Added-on time 2 minutes, converting a free kick forward pass Gargano, M Pereira on the right edge of the area into the far corner left relevant statistic procedures, 3 to 2. After the game, including alternate members, including Uruguay, still Buyiburao, surrounded the referee to discuss statement. Three key goals offside penalty Yin Zhengyi Shinaizeer 3 to 2 in the Netherlands game against Uruguay, Uzbekistan, and make three times the referee 伊尔马托夫 very controversial penalty, but also directly determines the trend game. Shinaizeer the key goals the first 70 minutes there is suspicion of offside player goalkeeper interference, the penalty is the biggest question of this war. At that time, Shinaizeer edge of the area shot the ball, the ball reflected through the back leg and was fighting to the Road, and little effort. Robin van Persie and defender was in the middle scramble, slow microscope Robin van Persie are the more half-body bit suspect. Results from Robin van Persie at the foot of the ball just keep coming, he would like to play against itself, the results kick space. Mended, even bounce the ball rolling door of the far corner! Netherlands 2 to 1 than the score! The ball's decision hinges on whether the judge found Van Persie offside, and his action to judge whether the goalkeeper interference. With little Shinaizeer goal, Van Persie did not play, if empty, Muslera will easily intercepted. Clearly, Robin van Persie's kick it kick space has a direct interference to Muslera judgments. Therefore, the goal judge, the referee and the linesman should be that Van Persie is not offside. However, considering the left side of the linesman and Robin van Persie was also one between the Uruguayan defender, easy sight of the linesman a certain interference; and Shinaizeer shot through the back leg refraction, contentious penalty therefore excusable. In addition, the game took place the last phase of two very controversial scenes. The first goal in Uruguay before Pereira M, Cavani had headed home opportunities, but was disallowed for offside, the ball with suspected miscarriage of justice; the second is in Uruguay, Parreira added-on time the first two minutes break After the arc of the shot Rios in the restricted area he denied the Dutch players, handball players of Uruguay Dutch player complaints that should be direct free kick, but the referee ignored. Ukrainian players after the match surrounded referee match between the Netherlands and Uruguay injury time, Uruguay will catch up with the score 2 to 3, then 3 minutes frantically, and accompanied by controversy. When the referee Yimatuofu blow the final whistle, the scene is out of control once the Uruguay players rushed to judge the theoretical front, and even formed the siege of the situation. Uruguay's players have also stormed off the bench to the court, and emotional, while the Dutch players celebrate at the same time, also tried to Lycra. However, the conflict left the place of the Dutch players to have to celebrate when the final, Uruguay bench wearing a vest referee once again dashed, and continuous questioning referee. Gestures from the Uruguay players point of view, they appeal Dutch team handball players. This time, the referee and his assistant Yimatuofu back row, with intent to confront the player with Uruguay. Wu Shuai sorry but proud of the team as the last representative of Uruguay in South America also fell outside the gate in the final, Uruguay coach Tabarez regrets very much the team out. He said: I am proud of my players, but losing is acceptable, because the opponents really stronger than us. We are very sad, because we could not go further. "However, Tabarez's second goal against the Netherlands was full of doubts, although he did not extend the leg that Van Persie did not hit the ball, but in a offside position and interfering with the goalkeeper of the judge. Talking about this ball, Taba Alvarez said only two words: "clearly offside. "He added:" I am proud of, then we have to fight for the third. "But the team's performance was very satisfactory to Tabarez.




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