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Luxury front line of zero goals in Pakistan to remain embarrassing record
At 17 o'clock on the June 30, 2010 victory over Paraguay, Japan, 8 in advance, but still did not score 4 power forward, while Paraguay World Cup without scoring an embarrassing knockout record is still continued. Paraguay cut 8 in the face of the tyranny of the Spanish attack, I do not know what could break this spell? In last season's league, Paraguay striker scored 26 goals Cardoso H into Portuguese ultra-Jin Xue, Barrios also harvest 19 Bundesliga goals. Meanwhile, the two old main Santa Cruz and Valdez joint contribution to the World Cup qualifier in 8 ball, take the total number of goals Paraguay 1 / 3. On the front line combination of Paraguay, I believe that one-third of each team will fear. But is such a front line, in four games after a goal is not achieved. Have been carried out in 4 games, the history of Paraguay known as the strongest total of 4 power forward played 975 minutes, a total of over 21 foot shot, but hit only 8 times within the frame. This women adidas embarrassing situation will restrict further Paraguay in the World Cup, perhaps the penalty shootout victory over the Japanese have their limits. And the strikers do not score a corresponding, although the cut 8 in Paraguay is still a continuation of an embarrassing record, it is no knockout Paraguay World Cup scoring record. Paraguay had history in 1986, 1998 and 2002 quarter-finals, unfortunately, lost all of Paraguay, is all the more tragic to lose a score of 0 to 1, and the more tragic is that eliminated Paraguay team Last not win at least a runner-up.




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