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Kaka tears abject apology! Fans surrounded the hotel is only abusive Dunga
According to Spanish media, "sports daily," reported that the Brazilian team 1-2 after losing to the Dutch team was eliminated, Kaka in an interview after the game that the Brazilian team in tears all the players are in a state of grief, he also urge fans not to overlook and abandon them. "The team once again fell in the quarter-finals, I know there are many Brazilians sad, but the most painful is that we have the whole team only. Our fans feel guilty. I know I am only the leader of the team in Brazil has hundreds of millions of people, like me,jordan 2010 eager to win. I know it will not be very important for everyone, but the emotions can make the next race in Brazil become more fighting. "Although press conference after the game, Dunga resign. But the disappointed fans of any natural feel very angry. According to Brazilian media, "Lance sports daily," the report after the game about two hours, the Brazilian team returned to Port Elizabeth resident hotel. When the players and Dunga of Brazil from the bus stop by the hotel's channel, already waiting there with a large number of Brazilian fans shouted insults foul language Dunga, the Brazil players are not under attack, and even scored an own goal and Merlot for red cards have been let off the fans. Only the fans who besieged atop Dunga




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