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Nike, Adidas striker benefited people throughout the clash
In South Africa, as a World Cup sponsor Adidas (adidas) almost stole all the limelight, among eight teams wear Adidas accounts for half, striker top five all A standings adidas players, and even rumors "celebrate" the reason hard to kick, just as wearing Adidas sneakers. Phenomenon 1: So far, five striker all wear Adidas, striker standings of the top five players all Adidas-sponsored players. Into 4 balls Higuain, Witke; 3 ball women adidas , David Villa and Suarez. The current standings striker, scored the only 3 ball wearing Nike's Luis Fabiano of Brazil, scored two goals is Shinaizeer and Carlos Tevez. They are the only hope against Adidas monopoly. Phenomenon 2: "kicked out of the legendary" routed, and the relative Adidas championship leader in the striker is the focus of Nike's World Cup players introduced almost completely annihilated. "Kicked out of the legendary" The commercials can be said of Nike's classic, but it has now become a "tragic prophecy film." Ad star, Cristiano Ronaldo and more, Pato, Walcott did not come, Cannavaro, Franck Ribery, Lenny, C Luo has successively out. Plot: people throughout the post-grams Nike? Combined with the current striker situation list, it seems really celebrate recognition shoes. Celebrate with synthetic leather manufacturing and mechanical hot skin surface then use the "ultra tactile surface," This innovative technology. Adidas Cool series and the Falcon series has been using Kangaroo leather, soft shoes, and celebrate is just a soft one, yin and yang mix. Rumors say that this is the reason FIFA care, because Adidas team up to support the 350 million U.S. dollars (about 1.14 billion ringgit) of sponsorship fee indirect benefit to a lot of FIFA. In comparison, no matter Which Nike shoes, the upper and the lines are, and celebrate, "AMD convex pattern on the surface," repulsion to see Lenny even hold on the ball, Cannavaro missed kick after another, We wonder: Are these the last increase in the design of friction are beyond the control of the ball into the "culprit"?




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