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Adidas running revolution Mayday lift attempt to challenge
May 24 News May 23, just completed the world tour concert in Wuhan station group Mayday Taiwan rock days, especially the next day at the Adidas campaign run in 2010, "running beyond their own" activities Wuhan's press conference. For this event also will introduce the adidas intelligent running a revolutionary training system - adidas miCoach, it will open up a whole new way of running exercise. Mayday is also invited to participate in the event, women adidas will be in May-day of running for a period of 80 days for Gifted program, and running with the necessary specialized training and equipment to help achieve the three months Mayday "Beyond 5 km "of running fitness goals. Adidas 2010 "run beyond their own" in 2010, Adidas introduced a revolutionary intelligent running training system - adidas miCoach, loads this intelligent training system, the Adidas product can not only run for the runners to provide movement to protect and comfortable running experience, more according to the different needs of each runner and physical conditions, run in real time to provide customized coaching to help runners run more scientific and effective training, thereby creating a kind of The new way of running exercise. The first seamless running load miCoach Adidas products - 10 Spring Main series running shoes ClimaCool Regulate, was April 1 in the domestic market, while Adidas running campaign in 2010, "running beyond their own "also in full swing. Mayday main ClimaCool Regulate the first to try to spring training system intelligent running adidas miCoach, Adidas spent years developing a revolutionary running training system formed, which consists of two parts: Responsible for monitoring the collection of data, carried out with runners voice communication hardware as well as the hardware into the intelligence service website In order to better promote the Cikuan latest intelligent running system, is responsible for main series ClimaCool Regulate Adidas's director at the press conference for the first time to show this a brand-new sneakers, but users are the famous day group Mayday. According to Director of introduction, as soon as possible in order to feel Cikuan Mayday magic shoes, back in Beijing concert after Mayday, Adidas specifically for each staff member on the amount of foot size and foot shoes to understand the habits and demands you to tailor-made this new shoes.




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