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James recommends number 23 jersey retired next season will wear jersey 6
Recently, the NBA's most valuable player, James is ready to launch an initiative to NBA all wore No. 23 to give up the number of athletes to express their superstar "night" Jordan respects. The Cavaliers star headed, said a leadership role for the next season he plans to jersey number from 23 to 6. This James is the Cavaliers away, then I played the Miami Heat when announced. To transfer the media about his post next year to become the topic of free people, before James had first made his childhood dream of playing together side by side with the topic of jordan 2010 , he broke the news after the game, ready to jersey number from 23 replaced by 6. It turned out that the Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade for the first time that night games latest put on the "Michael Jordan" series entry basketball shoes, Jordan for this to come to the scene, James and Wade watched the duel. Speaking of Jordan, James said that Jordan has done for the NBA should be recognized in some respects, "If there is no Michael Jordan first, and then there would be no present, James, Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade." In his view, to express Jordan's respect, then the NBA's players not to wear Michael Jordan wore the number 23 jersey that year, because when you see 23, it will surely think of Jordan. To this end, James said: "I want to launch a petition to every NBA player to sign."




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