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Jordan shot stingy boss a pay cut to avoid the luxury tax continued Yuefeierdun
Now Michael - jordan 2010 has become the Bobcats owner, but with his usual high-rolling style than on his boss when people think of them after not less generous, but a stingy boss. "Flying Majesty," said he had no intention to pay next season when the luxury tax, which might have led him to problems in the players contract. Jordan has repeatedly reiterated that he did not intend to make the team over the luxury tax cap space the bottom line, because do not want to pay 100% of the high luxury tax. But the problem is that he followed the team in contract guard Raymond - Felton conflicts arise point, due to their limited space, he might only take a pay cut to Felton to open about 600 million contract. Felton's contract expires this summer, although he was not a superstar, but also a very good point guard, so that six million U.S. dollars of contract can keep him it will probably have a problem. Bobcats are in a continuous Yuefeierdun there is a problem, then this summer if they want to make the operation of large I am afraid not much possibility. Bobcats get 44 wins this season, 38 playoffs negative results Sharu to them, although the first round was eliminated, but they certainly are on the rise among momentum. But JORDAN 2010 in the current salary situation seems very tight to retain the existing team the Bobcats lineup, do not intend to carry out much of the lineup adjustments. In addition, the Bobcats coach Larry - the fate of Brown, has caused problems in the playoffs throughout the Union's concern that there were rumors that 76 of these were old people who intend to dig back to Philadelphia to coach. But now, when reporters asked him whether he would stay in Charlotte next season to continue coaching, he seems to have taken a "very happy step." He answered, told reporters: "I'm still here, if I was not, then that is another matter."




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