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Nike ended Tokyo Harajuku fashion innovation of sales people to tide
November 12, Nike Harajuku flagship store grand opening, which is set in Japan, the largest Nike stores, is the first flagship store in Tokyo. Nike store sales of goods covered by the various range of products. Concept store also have a number of workshops. On the first floor there are Runner's Studio, players can run their own circumstances of this analysis to better understand where their needs. On the second floor is the Nike ID Studio, customers can customize their own Cheap Air Shoes products in this. The third floor there is a "professional waiter" to help customers select the right of their products. Japan Jim Godbout, vice president of Nike, "said Nike's flagship store opened in Harajuku help guide tokyo dynamic, expanding the influence of this region. We have chosen the prime retail location in Tokyo, the Harajuku shop center , unique innovative way of selling. "chosen here is deliberate, because, like here, and Shibuya, are a family of Japanese tide of people's pilgrimage. This flagship store opening can be described as an unprecedented scale, the Nike brand sponsored 11 Japanese athletes all in attendance to participate. The interior design of the whole shop very simple features, up and down a total of three. Designer Masamichi Katayama is as well to create the atmosphere of exposure among the museum. He said, "I think the concept of the design through the stadium to create a comfortable place for everyone here can experience the sporting spirit."




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