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Han visited the Olympic shoes, hand made shoes
As "Shenzhen Satellite TV No." honorary captain of the Han landing Quanzhou Quanzhou, Quanzhou, ancient culture on the one hand, am very fresh, on the other hand, Han has already heard of the famous shoes of Quanzhou. Therefore, Han led the "Shenzhen Satellite TV number" crew finished filming Qingjing Mosque Quanzhou old, they went straight to the representative of Quanzhou shoe brand - Pick shoes. Han Han has not only visited the Olympic shoes the whole process of the production line, and personally took the production line, under the guidance of the Olympic master of his own success to produce a pair of Cheap Air Shoes . Han Han joined in Quanzhou "shoemaker by trade," the team was nicknamed among the people to join the "Writers." In fact, Han either in person, "making shoes," or join the "Writers" have described an age like ours is a more free time. Han Han in the commends the spirit of freedom, we must also lament that created the Han era, a relatively independent of the environment can be created Han. In other words, not today's era, Han Han Han Han may still rebellious, but by no means the sense of public figures Han Han, will not be the voice of the Han through public platform. We live in a time may indeed need a variety of "spiritual mentor", but will emerge from time to time Han Han such a "bad boy." This is a dual track of time, is a transition time, as someone said, this is a Han Han "playing dead" Writers "solution ghost" of age. But the reason to believe that the tide rolling forward toward the era of rule of law and civilization, continue to stride towards the liberation of thought more ahead. In the 30th anniversary of reform and opening up, "Shenzhen Satellite TV number" is to record such a great age.




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