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Nike's global influence
Nike's campaign has kept their early production can not meet consumer demand, short supply for the production of Nike into the embarrassing situation, especially the new design is seriously out of line with the productive sectors, but provide no orders in hand the product of these operations are not smooth to the enormous loss of Nike are many economic, brand reputation have been involved in.. Nike quickly find out why: the design-oriented focus on quality, but there is no absolute advantage in production, when production can not be synchronized with the pace of business, the firm is facing stagnation! Cheap Air Shoes has always been coupled with the production do not intend to rely on more interest, new sports concept and content of advanced technology to create a boutique shoes, they are willing to present to the market is a gift. So, they began to seek production partners worldwide. Japan, Western Europe, Korea, Chinese Taipei, China, India and other areas where labor is cheap so Nike has entered the field of vision, eventually became his base, Nike has finally cast off by the virtual operating mode of production burden. Nike's success is to focus on doing what they do best, to not do good things to others. They choose to manufacturers standards: lower cost, delivery in time, quality must be guaranteed! As a result, Nike successfully avoid the risk of manufacturing, to concentrate on product research and development, rapid introduction of new models, greatly shortened product life cycle. In fact, no matter when and where each company's internal resources are not everything dragon, it must achieve a reasonable allocation, according to the requirements of the external application of existing resources to the "thrown a wrench into the office," that is created The key point of wealth and efforts to develop, use all possible external resources.




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