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Nike invited China Basketball fans to interact with the main Zhu Fangyu
"Whole-hearted intention to play campaign," LeBron James National tour has landed in Guangzhou Tianhe Sports Center Nike Basketball City. Yesterday afternoon, specially invited China Basketball
Cheap Air Shoes main Zhu Fangyu interact with the fans. "From the CBA new season opened there two weeks, this season the team has lineup changes, including new foreign aid to join, the most important thing is the team's running." When asked when preparing for CBA season, Zhu Fangyu said, "new large foreign aid Harrison with different characteristics than the original Jackson, but he is young, good strength, our team hoped he would become the backbone of the new defense, rebounding and blocked shots in a little more respect contribution. I hope he is still able to maintain a good competitive state in the new season to have good performance, helping the team to repeat as champions. "Chinese team after the team lost on Asian Championships, Zhu Fangyu that the next the World Championship stage, the team's most important task is to maintain confidence. "The competition there are winners and losers, the most important thing is they have to establish confidence in the world championships we will strive to regain the honor of the Chinese team." He said. National Tour 2009, LeBron James LeBron James signature shoe series is divided into review area, basketball career review area, Nike Air Max LeBron VII Product Experience District, most of the Guangzhou station tour will end on the 12th of this month.




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