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2009 classic series NIKE jacket
30 years, are all one of the key trends outfit, regardless of gender, identity and role, and put on display exclusive self-HOODY Jieneng unique style, today, HOODY popularity even reached the status of a staff , the clothing brand have also related to a single product of accumulated Hoody. In these 32 years, the leading sports brand nike, particularly to provide for hOODY form and technological breakthroughs, autumn and winter 2009, nike also made to the highest standards of technology, so that both function and appearance Hoody become the trend be used.
Cheap Air Shoes AW77 series has the highest standard of traditional norms and, indeed the history of the classic heritage. Nike in 1977, the third member of staff Geoff Hollister founded the Athletics West Track Club, this club has nurtured many of the world's top track and field athletes, but also the birthplace for innovative thinking. Athletics West's high-quality environment for the athletes away from the troubles to training, the club's long distance runners in Oregon to be cold and wet, difficult to accept a full year training environment; they want a universal Hooded Jacket, Geoff Hollister will be created France towel fibers AW77, he changed the past half-full zipper cardigan cardigan-style jacket, increased warmth and degree of fit with the body, while adding additional pieces in the neck, it is today It is well known for Scuba hood, but also a classic symbol for the AW77.




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