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PE Spotlight: Zoom Kobe V Black/ White/ Del Sol
It came as no surprise at all. Another look at the new colorway of the Zoom Kobe V worn by Kobe Bryant, several Lakers teammates and players around the league just show how famous people love the Zoom Kobe V because of its great performance. The Zoom Kobe V in black/white/ del sol colorway was first debuted on court by Kobe and expected to be released on next month for $130 Nike Air Shoes on your favorite retailers.
One of the most popular new silhouettes from Converse, the Poorman Weapon, collaborated with Bodega to produce a sneaker that can handle extreme temperatures experienced in most of the countries worldwide. The collaboration shows unique style as well as maintaining the previous high-quality workmanship. With deerskin material for the inner liner that will help to maintain your feet with comfortable temperature and waxed canvas finish on the outside, the Poorman stands out among others. Other features include elevated ankle height, Charcoal colorway and Bodega name stitched into the folded tongue. In limited quantity of 100 sets, the pack amounting to $120 is now available that includes a pair, etched flask and custom ballistic nylon case lined with shearling.




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