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Obama's White House meeting with the Lakers Generals
Beijing January 26, NBA official website news, this season the most difficult for 8-game road trip has just only been three games, the Lakers had already lost against Cleveland and Toronto, among other two games. However, poor record do not seem to affect the players in good mood, this does not take advantage of a guest at the occasion of the Washington Wizards challenges, the Lakers players were on the group visited the White House. U.S. President Obama cordially met with the Lakers team, and received a printed with his name and number No. 1 Lakers jersey. Nike Air Shoes
The Lakers travel with the team, according to journalist Mike - Brace Han reported that the entire meeting relaxed and happy, everyone's face was beaming with smiles. As a basketball fan, Obama first praised the performance of the Lakers last season, and the Lakers beat the Orlando Magic basketball shoes nike history of the first 15 teams to get the championship trophy was very happy about the feat. In addition, Obama in his speech also said he believes Bryant is the best win, they have seen the heart of the players. The Lakers made the players even more unexpected is that Obama is more for the Lakers is to know, he not only play, each player is very familiar with, and even Lakers assistant coach in the name of Barack Obama could cry out.
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After the speech, Obama is still on the Lakers coach Phil - Jackson praise of some, he referred to as "Zen Master" (Zenmaster), also described as a coach of 10 championship rings to obtain great achievements, and offhand reminder of one of six of the Zen Master ring is accompanied by his hometown Chicago Bulls when the team acquired. When Obama learned long ago to the team with book Zen master, he turned to the monk said he hopes he can send books to the members of his cabinet to improve their team together for the ability nike basketball shoes.
Obama also praised the performance of the Lakers sitting on the sidelines, the players who came to Washington in the ground, the first went to the Washington area to visit a child-care homes, and some players after the earthquake in Haiti has also generously extended a helping hand, which has participated Gasol and Farmar each had a sub-donate 1000 U.S. dollars in charitable activities. The Lakers players along with the tour of the White House along with their families, the wife of Lamar Odom just get married soon card Kardashian to get my own eyes Obama's opportunity before the start of Obama's speech was originally sitting in the back of cards Kardashian quietly sneaked the most front row, aim is to get a closer contact with the U.S. president. However, in Obama's camp, the team met with the Lakers, the only thing missing in Ron - Ron Artest of the figure, the original is that Ron Artest does not travel with the team last year, won the nike basketball shoes, a member of the championship, he also with regret the absence of this rare opportunity to visit the White House. The switch to the rocket Trevor Ariza in the Lakers team that, when met by Obama, but also did not forget their own personal blog, joking, "I have a chance to visit the White House, then when?"
The final stage of the meeting, the Lakers Zhong Jiang and Obama posed for pictures, and presented to the President of the United States and India has its own name a No. 1 jersey and the team signed basketball. Subsequently, the Lakers championship team members also take the opportunity to visit all the nike basketball shoes, the White House to other landscapes, such as the Washington Monument and so on.




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