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Nike Dream Season II
This summer, Nike Air Shoes Dream Season for the first time lifted the veil of mystery, and released a sigh of relief from two designs inspired by the new Nike Zoom Kobe IV. Now, with the Nike Zoom Kobe V turned out to, as well as the recent "Chaos Edition" (Chaos) official release, the second generation of Nike Dream Season have emerged, quietly surfaced. That is shown in the figure towering burst on the scene of the Nike Dream Season II, This time they are low to help version of the style, grown up on the Nike Zoom Kobe IV and V of the essence in one, and match the fashionable nowadays many NIKE shoes flying battle lines technology, and once again only a limited distribution in the Asian market. Although the shoe is not technically belong to Kobe? Bryant (Kobe Bryant) of Nike Air Shoes signature series, but the numbers 24 through the heels, as well as on the tongue label, the NBA's hottest stars once again the moment he should be honored to promote Nike Dream Season II promises, as the original as the first generation of Nike Dream Season.




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