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the number one killer of pregnant women
Microwave oven, cell phones radiation is the number one killer of pregnant women .

Almost any electrical appliances will produce electromagnetic radiation, such as microwave ovens, televisions, computers, mobile phones and so on. Invisible electromagnetic radiation, the damage to the human body is often slow, hidden, and allow people to guard.

Medical research shows that long-term, excessive electromagnetic radiation harmful to human nervous system, reproductive system damage, medical studies have confirmed that stimulation of cancer radiation household appliances, and can lead to fetal or neonatal severe hypoplasia or malformation. Our life is inseparable from the appliance, but how to minimize harm, scientists have to overcome problems.

Microwave ovens and mobile phones radiation the number one killer of pregnant women

Medical experts, a single appliance radiation smaller, but a room in a variety of household appliances, all the radiation generated by these appliances will be accumulated together and cause harm to human body. Thus, daily life, bedroom, try not to display appliances, for household appliances focus on the room, pay attention to ventilation, the release of electromagnetic radiation.

In particular, attention needs is the microwave electromagnetic radiation intensity is one of many household electrical appliances in the strongest, and it generates electromagnetic radiation is several times the other appliances. If you are an excessive amount of microwave electromagnetic radiation, will produce dizziness, sleep disorders, memory loss, bradycardia, blood pressure dropped and so on. More importantly, high-intensity microwave can cause fetal malformations, miscarriage or stillbirth and other serious consequences.

Our proposal: Open the microwave oven immediately after the back is around one meter, microwave ovens work, people not in the same room with the microwave oven; microwave oven stopped working for some time, and then open the microwave oven; often use microwave ovens for cooking food is best to wear a mask or apron protective clothing. Pregnant women are advised not to close to microwave ovens, even if close, do not stand next to. Microwave oven using the 6 to 7 years after the best out of updates.

Mobile phones, closely follow the sources.

Modern cellphone are an essential communication tool. People generally carry many of today's children are equipped with a mobile phone. As everyone knows, they produce electromagnetic radiation can not be ignored.
According to medical experts, mobile phone radiation may cause headaches, dizziness, insomnia, dreaminess, and hair loss and other symptoms. Standby mobile phone radiation small talk when the large number of radiation, while in the mobile phone has been allocated but not yet connected, the radiation largest amount of radiation is the standby time of 3 times.

In addition, the phone hung on the chest, heart and endocrine system will have a definite impact, if men always talk about the phone next to the waist or abdomen, electromagnetic waves may affect their reproductive function.

Our proposal: The most effective way to minimize the use of mobile phones. Moments away from the phone connected to the body; as much as possible using the headset to answer the call; not a mobile phone hanging in the chest; not cell phones back and forth; try to make mobile phones away from the waist, abdomen, or to mobile phones on the pocket of his trousers, coat pocket, sleeping on the pillow, let alone the phone.

Household appliances are durable consumer goods, but not equal to "long life consumer goods", to life on the "retirement." Do not bear to eliminate over-aged in service old appliancesproducts. Overage is not only the use of unsafe appliances, and the rapid increase in the amount of radiation. Select your appliance products, should pay attention to verify the production date; in particular, the purchase of second-hand household electrical appliances, the use of the product life difficult to judge, consumer self-protection awareness should be raised to ensure the safe use of the product within the time limit, so that can avoid an excessive amount of radiation appliances. cheap cell phones, because of cost reasons, and those arising from electromagnetic radiation is terrible.

Attachment: the safe use of household electrical appliances life reference

Microwave for 10 years, the computer 6 years, the electric water heater 8 years, 8 years blanket, gas stove 6 years, range hood 7 years, 8-10 years of color TV sets, refrigerators 12-16 years.




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