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English Premier League broke the biggest sex scandal in recent years, at least six players doubtful for AIDS

According to Hong Kong, "Wen Hui Daily" reported that t Air shoes he Premier League came out 6 years ago the largest sex scandal, three clubs from the Premiership at least six players suspected of being infected with AIDS. Reported that they had a football with "Starchaser woman" had sexual relations several times, the woman recently confirmed to be suffering from AIDS, but infection does not clear the time. It was reported that six players, the night before had been rushed to accept HIV testing, are waiting for test results.

Said: "They are worried, because only they understand what this means ... ... tie them like a time bomb, if caught, his career almost certainly 'finish off'." As a result of legal constraints, the report did not mention the identity of six players, saying only that they came from 3 clubs.

The British "Sunday, De Volkskrant," is reported, the "Starchaser women" through active football star boyfriend, more than understanding. There was a time "Starchaser women" breaking up with her boyfriend, during the non-stop in this deal between the six players, and with their sexual relationship took place more than once for a period of several months.

Then "Starchaser woman" and her complex, but realized that the other people living with HIV. Last month, she also proved to be HIV-positive, immediately notified, including six players, including sexual partners. Said: "She do not know the woman to have sexual relations with them, is already infected. She did not know how to face the possibility of transmission of the virus to the fact that others have trouble almost wanted to commit suicide."

This is the Premiership the last 6 years the most serious sex scandal. September 2003, a 17-year-old British girl reported being gang-raped eight Premiership players. Although more than three months after the investigation, prosecution in the absence of evidence to prove the ultimate non-reluctant girl to have sexual relations with them on the grounds, the players decided not to prosecute, but the events of the history of the Premiership can be the darkest, most filthy page.




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