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Nike, Basketball Hall of Fame Sued Over Michael Jordan Apparel Line
A small-scale prosecution of sports licensing company Nike Air shoes and Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame company, accused of fraud and breach of contract, the proposed line of Michael Jordan Nike sportswear.

SportsFuzion the company's Westwood, Massachusetts, claims and Hall of Fame plans to Nike, a row of "Jordan Hall of Fame" sportswear bypass contract in 2006, it said SportsFuzion exclusive right to use the trademarks of sportswear Hall of Fame and logo.

Scott Zuffelato, elected to Basketball Hall of Fame vice president, said Tuesday that it does not have the license agreement, SportsFuzion. In Springfield, Massachusetts, the company has not seen the lawsuit, he added. Nike's spokesman refused to comment on.

Nike, Inc., which held the rights of Michael Jordan brand goods since 1984, there is no Hall of Fame and selected SportsFuzion arrangements to empower the company's allegations. "Nike and Hall of Fame basically colluding to cut us out of this agreement," said Steve Barlow, vice president and founder of the SportsFuzion.

The action is in the High Court on Monday in Norfolk dedham, Massachusetts, seeking compensation, "more than 10 million U.S. dollars."

SportsFuzion said that according to its original agreement, Hall of Fame, SportsFuzion have the right to collect nearly 90% of net sales remaining sportswear to the Hall of Fame Hall of Fame.

The business of Michael Jordan brand of apparel sportswear giant Nike is the most profitable franchise.

Nike, which is the world's largest sporting goods company's sales, has been made to promote the expression gin Michael Jordan line of advance to the Hall of Fame induction, which is scheduled to be held in September. Viral campaign includes a Web site of the fictional character named Leroy Smith, "Who the man's motive for Michael Jordan," false news clip mobile phone functions and iPhone applications.




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