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Terrible food - silkworm chrysalis

chinese food

Do you know the picture is? They are the silkworm chrysalis. Do not make a fuss, many

Chinese people like to eat silkworm chrysalis. Ancient China from a long time ago before the

development of

eating on the pupa. They are very rich in nutrients. Rich in protein and a

variety of amino acids, is frail, the sick, the elderly and post-partum women,

senior nutrition supplements. Pupa can produce pharmacological activity of substances, the body canchinese foodincrease leukocyte levels, thereby raising the body's immune function, delay the aging human body functions, silkworm chrysalis oil to reducing blood fat, cholesterol-lowering, the treatment of hypercholesterolemia and liver function to improve significantly role.

suitable for hypertension, hyperlipidemia, fatty liver, diabetes human consumption; for tuberculosis, the human consumption, thin body; for rickets in children who lean consumption; suitable for chronic gastritis, gastroptosis of human consumption; appropriate in the elderly lumbar weakness in the knee, a few nights frequent urination, impotence are edible.


chinese food The silkworm chrysalis this year is really expensive, 9 yuan of black a jin, of yellow

compare black want expensive two-spot, knowing is what truthThoroughly cook silkworm

chrysalis, air of 10 minutes of or so fish out is boiled in putting boiling water cool, next

end up from which cut open two half, the black core among take out, add salt, cooking wine,

dry starch bloats a little while.

Fry the oil that is put into many somes inside boiler to burn heat, put silkworm chrysalis,

break up ceaselessly fry, fried oil to disappear, flip through silkworm chrysalis when the

sound that can have rustle, outfit giving boiler dish.


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