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ups and downs of the PUMA

ups and downs of the

In the 1980s, puma (puma shoes)once in marketing and sales in the Nike(nike shoes),
puma shoes
reebok(reebok shoes) and adidas sportswear giants, etc. At that time, puma is regarded as the brand, the department store behind in succession in
the puma shoes will be cheap, 1993, container puma (puma shoes)at the edge of bankruptcy.

In 1994, the only 30 ochen J Zeitz was appointed company CEO, he also was the youngest listed companies in Europe. From the beginning in
the late 1990s, in Zeitz ochen J, puma rely on guerrilla tactics to become the world sports marketing clothing market "brand"
type outbreak. 1993 to 2001, puma turnover increased nearly two times. In 2002, the American sports apparel market 78 million us
dollars, and total sales of the puma year-on-year growth of 48 million and $21 million. Puma company was "brand weekly magazine in
2002," the best marketing brand ".

New York signatures Farg o securities investment company's managing director John mountain and thought: "the puma is the best sport brand management, its product brand design, reasonable in strict market segmentation and distribution channel management in a long-term goal." The marketing tactics brilliantly,puma the stock
of the company for many years been named in Germany on the market is worth investing stocks.

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