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Respiratory shoes 6

GEOX is the Italian leader in casual shoesshoe-making industry in the Italian top squat position and one in the same industry all over the world before the 8,nike-air-riftnear the Italian 10-year model of business success.

In the past two years, GEOX Group's research and development centers and several leading universities to carry out experiments to obtain a new important research results: first, the shoulder with "ventilation" is water-resistant breathable coat; soles are two more complex structures, greater strength breathable waterproof sports shoes.At present, these "will be breathing" of the new products have been popular shoes GEOX the international market. At the same time, GEOX Group of attention to keep up with fashion (fashioning shoes) trends, often made to adjust and update products, integrated market network analysis, quantitative development. Understanding and knowledge of the countries in the climatic conditions, people in different countries in the foot on the basis of features, GEOX will be new technologies and fashion style and perfect combination of human health shoes, style and color range, and constant innovation.


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