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Respiratory shoes 5

Mr.Polegato talk about the hardships early start


In the interview, Mr.POLEGATO can not help to think of the
hardships the early start. He said that the beginning of the merits of this unknown shoes, many shoe companies do not patent his
invention. So, he decided to set up his own shoe factory. Amazing is that only 7 years, initially only a small factory 5 rapid
development and growth to become an international enterprise group. Now, this unique "breathing shoes" new technology patents
have been widely recognized internationally, GEOX brand all over the world have been carried out within the scope of the design,
production and sales.

On the success POLEGATO said that the new technology, new ideas are
to open the key to success. Economic globalization, enterprises are facing survival challenges, technology is the key to success. G GEOX
the name is also quite innovative, which, GEO from the Greek word "land", meaning people at the foot of the earth; to unknown
"X" as a technical symbol. 。 GEOX enterprises DNA
was born in the "give comfort and health" of new ideas, GEOX shoes breathe a surprise move that is, new technology and a vivid
example of the concept.


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