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Respiratory shoes 4
" Why do "Respiratory shoes "


Last century and the early 90s, a trip to the United States feel and informative, inspired and led him to decide to conduct a new adventure and try. Mr.POLEGATO to the United States that was originally a joint venture to discuss the issue of wine, there is a day to visit him in New York and saw the shoes and cover a number of tourists due to tired legs and painful scene, causing him much food for thought, he can think at the sole punch through an advanced technology to solve this problem, so that gives comfort and health of shoelaces. POLEGATO will soon pay their own ideas of action.Fluoride him for the selection of raw materials together with several like-minded friends, to carry out a full three years of research trials, and finally successfully developed a waterproof breathable film, the realization of the "Let's shoes will breathe" dream. The technology is the core of the patent will be with the waterproof breathable microporous film as a "chip" embedded in the soles up and down with vents, the membrane pore size of shoes can transpirer des piedssmooth discharge of hot air, at the same time, just to stop the infiltration of outside water, so close had the magical effect of waterproof breathable. GEOX GEOX "breathing shoes" really extraordinary, can be described as a revolutionary invention, it has resolved at the end of the rubber and plastics, as well as at the end of airtight waterproof non-breathable waterproof leather at the end of problems.This durable waterproof breathable film, stand up to rigorous tests, that is, 100,000 children, step-by-step shoes, adult shoes water friction Step 20 to walk ten thousand, the same waterproof breathable performance.


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