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Respiratory shoes 3
There are high-tech shoes? To add holes Mr Pollet shoes "think it is possible.

As we all know, the footwear industry in Italy are the world-famous traditional industries, but also a very competitive industry.

GEOX How can GEOX rise, that is, in a short span of 7 years has created a remarkable performance, as the world's new generation of shoe-making industry, an important role? Recently, the reporter interviewed the president of POLEGATO.
GEOX footwear industry and the success of the birth of the Group and the founder of his personal experience is closely related to POLEGATO. Just 50 years of Mario POLEGATO president, was born in the northeastern Italian TREVISO, where most are focused on small and medium-sized Italian region. Mario POLEGATOrich home, and his fathers and forefathers wine business and industry, agriculture, the family business manufactures a wide variety of wines, some of which are world-renowned Italian and foreign brands. 。 After graduating from university POLEGATO inherited his father's business family business Endemic in the spirit of enterprise has grown up under the influence POLEGATO, with a new generation of entrepreneurial talent and vision, he no longer satisfied with only the foundation to hold parents to forge ahead.


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