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China issued 10 measures of emergency response to U.S. dollar printing (puma shoes)3
China issued 10 measures of emergency response to U.S. dollar printing 3

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5. Suspend the domestic stock market to issue new shares for the domestic stock market to create a good atmosphere, to attract international capital into China's stock market.

6. Outside the hot money to take "lenient entry, stringent exit" policy, strict control of foreign exchange outflow, to prevent capital flight.

7. In view of the RMB currency future excess liquidity, the future will lead to inflation when the CPI rise, the low cost of living improve, so that the minimum standard of living will not reduce the livelihood and promote social stability.

8. To continue to expand fiscal expenditure transfers to rural areas, strengthening rural highway, water conservancy, the transformation of inputs such as primary and secondary schools, in favor of peasant income growth, agricultural development, improve the quality of the manpower for the Chinese economy has continued to provide strong growth potential.

9. To strengthen the research and development of advanced weapons and upgrade the level of modernization of the military information, improve the wages of servicemen and military stability, economic security for the country to provide strong backing to ensure that the war can win.

10. To strengthen the Chinese original of advanced science and technology research and industrialization of funding support and enhance the innovative capacity of the entire nation, only the leader in science and technology will support the purchasing power of the RMB.

It should be noted that not to use valuable foreign exchange to buy U.S. Treasury bonds, it is a bottomless pit, pinning hopes on the U.S. should not stability, should be to hold tangible assets as the most important thing.

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