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Nike Sportswear autumn and winter 2011 release
Nike's hybrid technology can always be together, to create new ideas, regardless of the results of such an attempt is good or bad, at least we can see new things have been derived from the classic and modern show off. If the Air Shoes is a show off the air, it appeared in the Air Force 1 body; If, Foam material is always showing off, it has been combined, and Air Force 1; If boats were the Air Jordan logo, and the entire series has always been show off, then the series of features and boats were the logo can also be found in the Air Force 1; If the luxury of leather is a kind of wild animals to show off, then the Air Force 1 high with ornate wooden shoe trees lying on the cheap nike shox site on; if the name is kind of Hiroshi Fujiwara to show off, Many years ago, lightning has the blessing of the Air Force 1. This pair of shoes is the Sneaker's history, from its birth to the retro trend has been re-shaping, Air Force 1 has become a classic, and is part of the trend. Next, Nike and show off what? Basketball shoes from the areas of technology,Chaussures Sports we see Hyperfuse, this technology is almost in all the high-end single product. How can we forget to show off the technology so Air Force 1, so this time the Air Force 1 Hyperfuse birth, with bright colors and high to help the models, Hyperfuse somewhat plastic texture with the taste of science and technology, and more color rendering, let the full sense of the future. This retro futuristic and high to help with the Air Force 1 has highlighted the perfect shape, perfect to show off into an extension. Air Force 1's highlight color is bound to prove this season is no longer lonely.




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