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Dongguan Nike Camp will start Yi Jianlian led the NBA three-site to help out
WASHINGTON afternoon of June 8, Dongguan, the top basketball schools in the training hall, spreading waves of laughter. Into a look, is greeted by familiar faces - NBA star Yi Jianlian, Rudy Gay and DeRozan, who is affectionately interact with a group of small players. This is the 2011 Air Shoes Camp Asia launch site, the next 5 days, 50 from Asia more than the small players will receive the most professional training and guidance. Nike camp this strong lineup of Asia. More than 50 players from China, Hong Kong, Chinese Taipei, Japan, Korea, Australia and other countries and regions. The players list, we are familiar with the noble, Guo Xiaopeng. Coaches and consultants in the lineup, not merely Yi Jianlian, Gay, and three other NBA players like Pedro, as well as former coach of the United Arab O'Connor, and the Chinese star Du Feng and so on. This is the NIKE training camp first came to Dongguan. As the National Basketball City, Dongguan City, Guangdong Tigers gathered in a CBA championship,Running Shoes FN Dongguan New Century, and the NBL teams Dongguan Changan An Boning team. Today, Dongguan has also been the top reserve training base - Dongguan, China Basketball Association basketball school. Schools located in Dongguan City next to the school sports, covering 30 acres. Hardware facilities of the school, including a site with eight standard comprehensive training hall and a three-storey dormitory building of the players, with a total investment of more than 50 million yuan. In training camp start the ceremony, Li Jinsheng, deputy director of CBA also offered his congratulations, he said: "Basketball is the city of Dongguan, in addition to the team, now has a new basketball card basketball school in Dongguan. Hope that schools can make full use of resources and conditions for China to train more basketball talent. "improved school facilities and environment are immediately attracted a lot of international brands of all ages. Chaussures Sports This has been the first time Nike Camp Asia settled in Dongguan. In training camp, Nike executives, as well as the presence of NBA players, coaches are full of praise for the training conditions. Into the NBA, Yi Jianlian from Dongguan, said: "Now more and more attention for basketball community, input and support is also growing. Where the training facilities and environment to be good, kids are great training environment. really hope we can train more for the Chinese basketball talent. "and after visiting the school, two other NBA players Rudy Gay and Pedro is like a series nod and say:" Great! "Guy added:" This training center in the United States can be considered a great! "

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