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Gaddafi has said that the loss of the last opportunities for the political mediation
Zuma mediation failed, again, is about to run out of food reserves, military officials have defected to the United Kingdom to use Earth Penetrator, Russia's Gaddafi to step down. Domestic and international opposition, Gaddafi Passing. War situation, stalemate, deadlock, Air Shoes Gaddafi really left two brigades of troops? Gaddafi really desperate yet? Later, see "Today's Focus." Moderator (Lu Jian): Hello, everyone is welcome to watch the live broadcast, "Today's Focus." Libya times of crisis, the much-anticipated South African President Jacob Zuma's mediation seems to fail again,Nike Air Force Ones the hope of peaceful settlement of the crisis more and more remote. China, Libya's grain reserves just to maintain a few weeks, demonstrations against Gaddafi last appeared in the capital, Tripoli, and a dozen military officials have fled Libya, Gaddafi also announced the remaining troops are now only 2 brigades . Internationally, the Italian Foreign Minister visits the opposition stronghold of Benghazi, but also create a precedent for the opposition on behalf of the government funding, and so secured, the United Kingdom also threatened not only to the use of armed helicopters, but also using ground-penetrating bombs. Domestic and international, with the opposition, Gaddafi Passing. Gaddafi also be able to stay long? He had nowhere else? Today we invited two guests to comment on this analysis, one is the Academy of Social Sciences, Institute of West Asian and African Miss He Wenping, director of Africa Research, Hello. Another is the special Chaussures Sports commentator Lawsuits Taiwan are welcome to two. Then the show began we asked the two guests and viewers, the first by a short video clip to find out the relevant background. (Play video) Explanation: 31, the end of President Jacob Zuma of South Africa's foreign mediation in Libya returned to South Africa. Zuma said before leaving Libya, Gaddafi said, as long as NATO and other parties to stop the bombing, the Libyan people a chance to solve any problem, he would put forward the implementation of the African Union cease-fire road map. May 31, the Libyan government spokesman Ibrahim al-Gaddafi will step down once again denied the news, saying Zuma did not discuss with Gaddafi to hand over power. South African President's office also said in a statement, Gaddafi stressed that although difficult, but he was not ready to leave his country. Zuma left Tripoli in less than a few hours later, a new round of NATO air strikes began. May 31 evening, 6 audio Tripoli heard a huge explosion. According to the Libyan government data released the same day, as of May 26, NATO's military action has resulted in 718 Libyan civilians were killed and a total of 4067 people were injured, while the number of casualties, not including the Libyan military casualties. At the same time,Running Shoes the situation in Libya is simmering domestic. In May 31 of the press conference, the Libyan government recognized the outskirts of the capital Tripoli, 30, appeared in anti-government demonstrations. According to Libyan opposition figures have a picture, hundreds of people participated in the demonstration. Opponents said it was more than 2 months to Tripoli appears the largest anti-government demonstrations. The same day, the United Nations for humanitarian affairs official said Libya, the Libyan government-controlled western region is the shortage of materials, and more food stocks sufficient only to maintain a few weeks in some areas is also a serious petrol shortage. Moderator: In fact, for Zuma, the mediator, the international public opinion is generally thought to be the last political mediation efforts. But this time we have seen is a failed mediation, which is not meant Gaddafi has lost the last chance of political mediation? He Wenping (Institute for the African Academy of Social Sciences Research Office, North West): I think so to speak, because the crisis has been so long, in fact, in Gaddafi's such a peaceful political settlement in fact, there have been several attempts, and even ancestral Ma led the African Union has created a specialized high-level political committee which is the second time since April had been the first, the African Union in Libya issued a solution over the road map a plan. But this time of mediation, especially in the past by some foreign media interpreted as a turnaround in Libya may be the last chance. I think this is an opportunity not only for the Gaddafi, in fact, the African Union, the organization itself, in fact, it is the last peace. But as we all as predicted before, the result was fruitless, the main negotiations, the so-called bottom line is not the same, in fact, the negotiations from the perspective of the African Union, in the Zuma before departure, in fact, the ANC is the ruling party in South Africa consecutive two-day meeting opened, as a guideline for the determination of the negotiations. Did not say, as some Western countries, especially as NATO,Nike Chaussures Homme as some countries want to talk about Gaddafi's exit strategy, talking about his resignation. Indeed not, and now we see the ANC's statement, the president Jacob Zuma's statement, including the present results, see are now the African Union are talking about peace, talk about the cease-fire, and this is Gaddafi aspects consent. But the opposition, as has been emphasized that Qaddafi must make the first step down, and then talk about other, so I think this point of the negotiations is not fully fit, so this really is the last chance of peace, the opportunity did not grasp, Gaddafi is room for the next maneuver is getting smaller. Moderator: We see South Africa's Office of the President also denied this claim, that Zuma's trip is to persuade Gaddafi to step down, in fact, this statement does not exist, said South Africa does not seem to make Gaddafi such an effort to step down. Zuma went to in the end so what purpose? Is capitulate? Lawsuits (Commentator of the table): It should be said Zuma, on behalf of the African Union to conduct a mediation is also necessary that we see the African continent as a country has such a war. In fact in terms of the African Union is an opportunity, and this opportunity you have to stand up, if you do not stand out, everyone of the AU, there is no such trust, in fact, also a life for him, or trust crisis. But Zuma is concerned, he knows this very, very difficult task, because the problem where, because of NATO and the opposition does not actually give a mediator or Gaddafi last chance to find a peaceful way, so he is not a manifestation of Here, it is concerned there is no way for Zuma, Zuma before actually come to know very difficult to accomplish this task, a task impossible. But if, as a representative of the African Union, Gaddafi you come and step down to talk about your problems, is clearly inconsistent with the African Union such a position. So between the AU and the Gaddafi can talk through, but the question the position of the AU and others about unreasonable position. Moderator: is the opposition and NATO to step down now I am afraid that such a bottom line Gaddafi does not necessarily accepted. Lawsuits: Right, so in terms of Gaddafi's words, anyway, insisted that the West and the opposition, say that you step down after the other can be discussed, and this for the Gaddafi speaking this is not anything to talk about. If Gaddafi to step down after the talk, he actually lost a bargaining chip in this sense, but I am afraid for him, this is a very embarrassing situation. Moderator: So Gaddafi said that he will not step down. We see also see a message today that the Libyan capital Tripoli, has emerged the past two months the opposition demonstrations, which is not also shows a change in wind direction. He Wenping: Indeed, because the anti-government protest march in Tripoli appears, in fact, did have a few scattered, small, then probably not much media coverage. This time, because the relatively large, the news is reported back, we had just seen the screen may also be very vague, which indicates that the control of Tripoli Gaddafi is very strict, that is very strict control of information. So this slightly larger size. I think this respect it may be both the strength of the opposition in Tripoli, there is a growing penetration, but also that Gadhafi indeed can be said to not only faced with a considerable international isolation, he was even in the internal control faces in Tripoli A shake of the trend. Because now we know that the diplomatic arena smaller than the internal he has faced food shortages, oil shortages, including not only out of NATO bombing, as well as many of the aircraft to the following leaflets that made many Such data, how one is about how to do Gaddafi regime in those. Moderator: This situation is clearly unfavorable to the Gaddafi, and Libya, said the food is now only a few weeks enough to use, and indeed there have been shortages of oil. Libya will not soon happen out of food, oil off such a situation? Lawsuits: This possibility exists because even though Gaddafi of Libya, when the ruling is attention to the agricultural production, but a long time, including Libya's agriculture, including livestock products, livestock, etc. This, he could only reach 50 % self-sufficiency rate, half are imported. Now is the beginning of the year since the situation into chaos, including the NATO bombing has continued for more than two months, in terms of Gaddafi has to endure a very difficult one end of a years, so now to see This material is very scarce supply. And the opposition is concerned, it is now an urgent need to create chaos in the capital Tripoli, the people of this determination to make this shake, and now for Qaddafi is concerned, NATO Ye Hao, including opposition Ye Hao, in fact, surrounded formed the state's western Libya this besieged. On the other hand is the hearts and minds, including the opposition, such a demonstration in Tripoli. Now look at the TV screen is provided by the opposition, there is little feeling that the opposition to the current stage of the war, it needs the heart of Gaddafi planned such a demonstration, and laid them out like this a bit like the meaning of. This picture came out, in fact, to the outside world, a showcase to the West, Gaddafi's stronghold to control the core region, it has shown signs of uncontrollable, and has taken control of a public act. Western public opinion that it is right in the control situation, then we say that the three into a tiger, you do not believe that again, but attached several times after that, then I am afraid that the impact caused by non-life fatal. Moderator: We also note that in addition to diplomatic mediation fails, the domestic political situation in Libya, also have a lot of changes, especially breaking news yesterday, the Libyan officials have the flight over there. We then take a look through the video. (Play video) Commentary: May 30, eight senior military officers dressed in civilian clothes Libyan government forces in Rome attended by the Italian Government organized a press conference. At the meeting, the Italian Foreign Ministry officials gave a briefing on the identity of the 8 officers. They are the Gaddafi government forces five generals, two colonels and a major. A general at the press conference, said the reason they fled Libya, can not stand the government forces of atrocities against women and the killing of civilians. Hala Sa (escape Libyan government Junqiang Jun): the weakening of the army's military capabilities, I think the army's fighting capacity only 20% of the original. Commentary: in Italy, Libyan officials announced the eight day after the mass exodus, the Tunisian state news agency said 31 news release, there are 5 Mingkazhafei government officials fled Libya, arrived in Tunisia last weekend. This is a new round of Libyan officials collective exodus event, this year March 28, Libya's former Foreign Minister of Cusa London suddenly arrived from Tunisia, and then announced his resignation. Coosa This triggered a domino effect, has there within a month the Libyan Minister of Interior and Justice, the Libyan Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the UN after another from the Gaddafi regime. Moderator: And we also noticed that in Italy the conference, the eight generals who fled Libya Libyan officials say are more than 120 people have fled. The two feel the news reliable? He Wenping: It is difficult to judge the accuracy of the figures, but it is certainly fled there, at least those in the news media appearances, he said that 120 officers and men, there is also included soldiers, then I am afraid that there will be the number of soldiers, so now It can not be completely ruled out that possibility. But now it seems the power of Gaddafi, because he had defected from the former Foreign Minister of Cusa start, keep a high-ranking officials to flee. But as long as, in my opinion, as long as his intelligence, including his son, master of the most elite troops, is "32 Tour" that he is still firmly in control. Gaddafi will make the final so tenacious




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