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Adidas, Nike, trying to take advantage beyond the London Olympics
Held in London next summer's Olympic Games, to compete for the location of the first name is not only athletes. German sporting goods brands Adidas plans to use the Games as a springboard, beyond its top competitor, Air Shoes became the UK's largest sporting goods company. Nike is currently in the UK 18% market share, worth 4.3 billion pounds, is a British sporting goods market leading enterprises. The nike shoes with 15% market share of second place, but the company hopes the London Olympics official sports partner as early as 2015 to help it overtake Nike targets. Adidas addition to the Olympic Games for the 26 projects in 25 games for athletes outside the equestrian clothing and equipment will also require a specialized 70,000 Olympic volunteers, the Olympic torch relay before the opening ceremony of the Olympic athletes and the Olympic Village provide clothing. Chaussures Sports 2012 Olympic Games to invest a total of about 1 billion pounds. This expenditure includes the identity of official partners, athletes, volunteers and retailer of clothing production costs and product marketing costs and the company itself.




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