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Harman was suspended! AFC Vice Chairman Zhang Jilong temporary proxy host
At 0:30 on 30 May Xu, FIFA headquarters in Zurich Ethics Committee held a news conference to announce: FIFA President has withdrawn from the election of Haman and the accused and his "bribery," the allies,Air Shoes in North America, FIFA President Warner, was temporarily suspended services to participate in any football, and FIFA president Sepp Blatter is "not guilty" without suspension; as long as there is no plenary session 3 / 4 majority of the above objections, the President of June 1 election will continue . Can be said that the election is no longer a rival Sepp Blatter, beheading operations have achieved a comprehensive victory. Harman and Warner was charged May 10 meeting of the Caribbean Football Confederation, the 30 participating countries to bribe $ 40,000 on behalf of "bribery." The hearing will be responsible for the ethics committee vice chairman Darma Sable said, "The Committee believes that the establishment is indeed the case, it is worth investigating. So a full investigation will be conducted in accordance with appropriate procedures, they will respond in a formal investigation of their own allegations. In the survey, they will be temporarily suspended from his post. final investigation results will end at 6, 7 announced in early. cheap nike shox"Dharma Sable 48-year-old professional judges, the University of Warwick in the UK to complete his studies Namibia Football Association president was before. The Ethics Committee Xisuerze and Blatter are both Swiss, must be avoided, and he thus became the main person in charge of the investigation. He said that although the Committee did not confirm the Werner and Haman in the charges against the "guilty", but in order to facilitate the investigation of their subordinate officials, "to avoid the intervention of the investigation," they must be temporarily suspended. Caribbean Football Confederation in the case of two low-level staff, will also be suspended. Walker also said FIFA Secretary General attended the meeting, he had just received a news conference before the Football Association of Puerto Rico reported the letter to prove that the meeting did happen bribery. The suspension will also have an important impact on the situation in Asian football. According to "AFC Constitution", "Once the President can not exercise their duties, the First Vice-President will exercise all its powers until the next General Conference AFC" - which means that the current First Vice-President Zhang Jilong AFC or will be temporarily hosted the AFC position. From the day of the hearing until 9 am 5 pm, Harman and Warner at a news conference had been informed before the news of their own was suspended. Currently they have not made any response, but after Warner had threatened: "Let me tell you, the next two days will occur once the tsunami football, let you shock a tsunami. I will not play dead the tsunami will come, believe me, from now through Monday. I FIFA 29 consecutive years, and if the worst happened, it would happen! "occasionally guest Trinidad and Tobago Acting Prime Minister of his brother, also reported his old friends Blauser very unhappy, "I vote in the 2022 World Cup bid in the U.S. vote, as I see the U.S. out Blauser very painful, but I will not Harman let this ruin my friendship and I am not the kind of person. If Blauser that want to do it, whatever. I was the first FIFA to this level in the black, my country is the smallest of executive committee , but sometimes my power is greater than the President, I am sure to incur the jealousy of some people, this is human nature. "At the same time, they had known Harman party against Blatter for the FIFA delegates the Caribbean" to pay travel expenses ", but did not report, which alleged violation of statute. Dharma Sable the judge said: "We believe that Blatter is no reason for suspension: first, Blatter said he and Warner talked about the matter, but Warner denied; Second, Blatter said the responsibility to report does not exist, because he only asked about the proposal, and he immediately told Warner, Harman should not be allowed to pay. "He emphasized that section 129 according to FIFA regulations, only the" actual behavior "have reporting responsibilities, and "at that point in time, Blatter occurred without any evidence of wrongdoing." Journalists have molested the meeting: "If I tell a police officer to kill, and then the police because I did not kill the behavior of the implementation to be no need to call the police?" News director mango sight to trouble, and quickly suddenly stop the news conference. Conference, also talked about the possibility of presidential elections to be postponed. Walker mother tongue is French, after several times forgetten finally said, "Why should we stop the election? Just because the media would like to defer it? Allegations against Blatter has been clarified, the election will be held on June 1." Slightly He realized after his misreading of the Constitution, "The General Assembly will consider agenda item on the agenda is, as long as 3 / 4 majority of members feel the need to postpone the election, they can postpone the elections." Walker also announced news of a shaking : FA Executive Committee before the main Chaussures Sports Teixeira and Ma Kudi on corruption charges, has ended investigation, two executive committee members are guilty. The Qatar 2022 World Cup bid on the process of investigation, Walker said: "The ethical committee did not address the matter."




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