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Mad lost 36 points the Lakers two will be expelled out 0-4 sweep by the Mavericks

Beijing time on May 9, the Lakers defeat away to 86-122 Dallas, and the crazy 36 points, lost out after the total score of 0-4. This is also the history of the first seven Grand Army suffered such a humiliation, Air Shoes defeat the Lakers in the game while also input, Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odom are wounding action was directly expelled. On the contrary, after the Mavericks head into the completion of the Western Conference finals sweep, and wait for the winner between Memphis and Oklahoma City. Terry 32 points and hit nine three-pointers, tying a single-game playoff in the history of the record to hit three-pointers. Barea 22 points and 7 assists, and Peja Stojakovic with 21 points, Dirk Nowitzki 17 points and 7 rebounds. Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Bryant 17 points 5 mistakes aspects, Brown 15 points, Ron Artest 11 points, Running Shoes Pau Gasol 10 points 8 rebounds 6 assists, and Lamar Odom 10 points. Lakers backs against the wall, the team performed well after the opening, Bryant shooting accuracy Houbainamu storm to get 2 points, the visiting team to 9-6 lead. However, the Mavericks will then set off charge, Dirk Nowitzki and Shawn Marion hit again and again, Chandler has completed an alley-oop, the home team to 16-11 lead. Kobe baseline jumper, but Kidd has hit the long shots. Bryant, the first section of the performance is quite good, Fei Xia hard all the stops personal gain 13 points, but unfortunately one man was still in his inability to help the Lakers the lead,Chaussures Sports the first section of Harding Park's driving layup with Barea, Mavericks 27-23 the upper hand. Second section is not open to play the Lakers ---- drastic changes in the Jedi fight back, but the Mavericks Kuanggong the horn sounded. Steal third after Terry hit fast-break layup Houpei Gu, even though Bynum scored 4 points, but Terry hit three three-pointers and then another, Peja's mandrel array, letting the home team at half also 6 minutes 42 seconds left set up 18-point lead, 50-32! The Lakers have been desperate, so he turned to go it alone status Bryant, unfortunately to no avail. Instead they put on a ruthless Mavericks posture, Peja hit third, Terry is one-third of the entire first half, the Mavericks hit the outside ... ... 11, 15, shot incredible. Section Mavericks breath the whole maddening 36 points, and 63-39 lead. Ex situ battles all the Lakers failure actually come forward Ron Artest. He scored 7 points, the Lakers will be worse narrowed to 19 points, seem to see little hope. However, as long as the slightest force Mavericks, the Lakers hope would become naught, Terry has hit third in a row, Artest is still a no defense even when the ball button and then the rim. Lakers fall short after the collapse of Peja's three-pointer to make the Mavericks to 86-57 or even 29 points behind leader! Three Harding Park, the score was 62-86, the Lakers this gap has been sentenced to death. Distal game exclusively as a garbage time, but the Lakers have lost red-eye regret the loss of sports ethics, Lamar Odom and Andrew Bynum consecutive bad moves, they are ejected directly incurred a hefty fine (all two foul .) But the Mavericks after all, victory has been set, the American Airlines Center Arena into a sea of ​​joy, as opposed to, it is the team's curtain call former dynasty.




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