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Milan stunned team-mate Gennaro Gattuso contradict the beast: Gan claim to have fear
Boateng with technical features, running coach to conquer, what could conquer his teammates it? Accept the "Corriere dello Sport" interview, Ghana striker revealed an interesting detail,Air Shoes "the key to my success, and Gattuso head to head in a fierce clash. That was my second training to join Milan, plus I told Figure cable head and when the ball hit in the head collision, we both fell off a long time. I know what will happen this scene, but I do not back down. after the locker room, Ambrosini , Ibrahimovic, Robinho and other teammates came to congratulate me and say, 'When I first came to dare to contradict Gattuso so it may need 10 times the courage of ordinary people'.Nike Shox R4 Since then, his teammates know what I players. "The second secret is thin," I do not think I'm fat, this year in Milan, I lost 7 kg, I will not drink milk, bread, and now I do feel good physically than before. " He promised victory celebration tattoo, "but not only the league trophy to the text, as well as Cup, I want to crown." remind his teammates and fans, "To take only 1 point over the weekend it would be wrong, this idea is not desirable. Weekend in Rome in my eyes, a Champions League final, to the win, in order to end the League Cup with a free mind to cope with. "Who will score the weekend? "Ibrahim! I feel. Hit Naples before I see Pato goal, playing Brescia goal before I see Robbie,Chaussures Sports my intuition is very concerned." Boateng Comments Milan this season is characterized by "1 to 0 Marxism, this score can best embody the team strength, spirit and thickness. " Asked whether he would claim for the arrival of Gan returned from the front waist lower back, his look of surprise, "Why? I do not know who would be coming, anyway, I do not leave AMC! I was born in that position, who has , we have some good competition. I listened to the coach, the coach let me retracement Houban Chang to defend, which I did. "transfer to another person should re-Essien, Boateng gum tree," we are friends, is the national team teammate Mark van Bommel can tell the truth and I are friends, they both play a position, I can not choose, let the club decide. of course, the best defensive midfielder Michael Essien is one of the world, I am willing to cooperate with him. "The most admired players Milan is Tiago Silva," training, you should not even think from his side through. His powerful words can say, I felt he was underestimated by everyone. "Milan harvest Boateng, thanks Ghana World Cup performance, which would like to thank the FA Cup Boateng's foul on Michael Ballack, "I chose Ghana rather than Germany, because of the foul on the whole of Germany are criticizing me, some people get death threats to my family, I deliberately bought a life insurance. I should not get this treatment, again without Michael Ballack, Germany is not playing very good thing. "(




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