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Higuain Goal Real Madrid rage against the referee was blowing C Lo Blame
Since the Belgian referee Debris Craig was designated as Camp Nou, after the Battle of the referee, the Madrid terms of no less pressure on him. Mourinho said the referee does not take things so it is not him, "Aspen Daily" has been let out of the Debris Craig Massey suspected red card,Air Shoes black out uprooting Benzema should be Zambrotta penalty cases brought so. In an interview with the Belgian media, the Debris Craig is a fairly calm: "a high level of the referee, it still would be questioned, I will not Jose Mourinho, then to feel the pressure. Every game is independent I will go all together and assistants, I just want to speak with the performance of the football field. "UEFA before the game each will appoint a referee observer. UEFA representatives tonight to appear in the Nou Camp is the former head of Italy whistle referee Collina, now he is UEFA's chief magistrate. Debris Craig better control tonight, the game lived trend, although Carvalho, Harvey - Alonso, Emmanuel Adebayor and Lassana - Diyala, who are "qualified" to become a red two yellow penalty. But after the game,Puma Shoes but the collective up and down Real Madrid shelled Debris Craig, C Luo and even claim to have the support behind Barcelona. Angry Real Madrid penalty, shortly after opening in the second half. C Luo Zhong ball was breaking, he had a slight physical contact Peak case fell to the ground, and knocked down Javier Mascherano, Higuain broke Tuishe restricted area on the left pole plug. If the ball effectively, then Real Madrid will pull the total score of 1 to 2, the new ships will be able to see the promotion hope. But this ball Debris Craig to be invalid, his penalty in principle the terms and without any problems. C Luo fall, the advantage of the opportunity it brought down a Javier Mascherano. C Luo, whether the foul was intentional or not, he still interfere with the defensive player and led the team in the offensive side benefit, the goal was canceled without problems. Debris Craig has not added a free kick to Real Madrid, he apparently thought C Lo minor in contact with the Peak, when lying on the ground shows the composition of diving.
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Debris Craig did not make mistakes, but the final Champions League Real Madrid needed a pretext, the Belgian referee to become the scapegoat. "Unfortunately, the referee's decisions affect this series, I hope luck will be better the next Real Madrid." Valdano position, "C Lo Peak lost focus because the referee did not whistle according to the principle of enabling attack, C Lo use knocked back Javier Mascherano and Higuain's goal was disallowed by. "captain Iker Casillas Real Madrid, but also gives a similar view:" 11 to 11, we do not suffer. Iraq melon because of the goal? And a typical case, as usual. we will not complain about more, we have been accustomed to. We defend the jersey body, we need calm, head held high out of here. "




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