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Bryant 24 points playing time gen milestone the lakers 4-2 catching bees promotion
Beijing time on April 29, the lakers victory away to 98-80, and with the total score wasp 4-2 promotion western second round, they next opponent will be the winner of the calf and Portland. Besides Bryant playing this game 30 points total 17 seconds, the playoffs playing time breakthrough, become the 80 minutes mark, scottie pippen, shaq kareem, fourth in the playoffs after 80 minutes played over the player.

Air Shoes Video: the lakers win the hornets full-court Bryant gen milestone promotion. Capture bees
Bryant 24 points and Andrew bynum 18 points and 12 rebounds, gasol 16 points and rebounds, odom 14 points and eight rebounds. The hornets aspects landry 19 points, and trevor ariza 12 points and five rebounds and five assists 11 points, Paul delneri bailey general 10 points, eight rebounds play 11 assists.
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Minutes after an intense, both sides will tug of war, bynum shot-blocking stiff help the lakers 4-2 lead, but then emeka okafor and landry will repeatedly score the home team, 8-4 33-31 lead. Kobe Bryant left in the first quarter when 4 points 48 seconds a jumper break points, but trevor ariza waste in the same way again soon in color. Before the end of the first quarter 1 minute 50 seconds landry in odom overhead two-handed clasp, but with an immediately Derek fisher to counter. Artest without the ball on the line, a trevor ariza, however the visitors in the first quarter ended with 18-16 ahead still.
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The hornets times quarter lead flat soon pick up Paul assists, trevor ariza after achievements, 24-24 layups. Barnes also layup after unprotected talents jack and landry four points, the hornets successful 33-31 lead. Behold odom immediately basket, Bryant and sneak in positive hit three-pointers, now the lakers two-persons already gradually. Fisher flank jumper Lamar odom and after two foul shots after, the lakers have to 40-32 will lead to eight points advantage. Before half-time 36.6 SEC Paul bottom line, this also is the queen shot throughout the first half of the only get two points, with six points adrift of 34, the hornets second 40 enter the title.

Both are you pursuing fight again to me to, the hornets and once took the lead to take Paul nearly, bailey neri fast after dunks after assists, New Orleans has put the lead to 40-42, on-site fans also shouted up fire exciting Beat La slogan. But the lakers is ultimately not you want to beat can beat four points, pau gasol scored two free throws after Bryant, two teams rattled was open. This section with 5 points 44 seconds bynum had finished second offense, frontcourt rebounds zijin corps set up double-digit advantage. Although the hornets hot pursuit, but still powerless to narrow points difference. This section before the end of the line is made to Bryant breakthrough of Smith's iolate, nearly cause a conflict between two free throws, Peter pan after leading the lakers to a 69-57 12 points.

Smith first war small after had two points, but the lakers side, bynum and Lamar odom joined brown kept out of 9-0, instantly took advantage expanded to 19 points. Although landry complete immediately playing three points for the hornets attack, just a drop in the bucket, on-site fans already is also lonesome, seem able to do anything deemed the home team. Eventually the lakers returned with the second half of the hornets, and successful promotion.




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