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Guangdong, scores go-ahead soon battle the defending champion dream hanging by a thread
As long as the bus stand in court, he can mate with a strong body to do pick and roll, to pass from teammate sent. After half the game last night, playing a one and a half battle was 3 points, 3 rebounds, data, though not of Dolby, Singleton eye-catching two foreign aid, but his role is no one to replace. Distal start, when Zhu Fangyu with two points difference in the vote will be opened to the maximum 12 points when the bus rushed to the basket to win a foul and two free throws with the stability of the military, then they hit a wave of Xinjiang, 11:2, the points deficit to 1 point. 3 minutes 16 seconds left, coach basket ball, the rare hands where they stand ready to dunk, but was Dong Hanlin damaged bus hit two free throws again. Back to the backcourt, he worked got the rebound. He then layup, then the advantages of Everest only 2 points. Commendable is that fight in the game to Cidaojianhong moment,Air Shoes but also keep a clear head battle. 1 minute 29 seconds, Tigers called timeout, Chiang Kai members also made some arrangements in Xinjiang. The bus is pointing to the timer said something, turned around and looked at the Chiang Kai-Hong Yuan only 4 seconds shot clock, then account for players, do not foul. Unfortunately, there is some fameng other players, does not say is not offensive, not defensive in the block of people,women adidas so that the shortest of the Hudson Everest field grabbed a key offensive rebounds. This also allows the bus 11 points, Chaussures Sports 10 rebounds data meaningless. The previous two seasons, the bus with all the finals in Xinjiang, but the two fell to the Tigers at the foot of 1:4. This year's finals, the situation in Xinjiang had excellent leading 2:1, but allows the Tigers took the lead after another two losses to get the match point, although there are two home later, but have to say, the bus is now a dream of life hanging by a thread.

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する方法:まあ、ときに様々 は、若い頃。今すぐアップグレ
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