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Bynum is a wild swing the ball hard Kobe elbows until he worried for him
April 21, NBA (microblogging NBA listeners: 4,489,856 people listen + listen to a news at 11:57 on April 21, 2011 the current game is over the first half, the Lakers finally turn the tides and the 47-41 lead. Bina Farm arise, Scatter half scored 12 points, but an offensive play in the elbow, almost caused the two sides of the conflict. Air Shoes ) playoffs continue, the Lakers 87-78 victory over the Hornets, to chase into a big score 1-1. Lakers center Andrew - Andrew Bynum played very hard, the audience he had 17 points, 11 rebounds and 2 blocks. In the first game of the series, from the statistical data, Bynum performance is also good, he played in 26 minutes time, 4 of 7 from the foul line scored 13 7 5 penalty points, 9 rebounds and 2 blocks. But from Bynum can be seen in their own words, in fact, his performance is not good: "I know coaches want me and Paul - Gasol to get opponents in the paint, while a good job defensively." Lost on the first battle, Paul prestige directions, allowing the Lakers ramped up and down the gas. Sure enough, after opening the game, Bynum played very tough indeed, the first section took 4 from 3-6 points, and in the first half, he scored a 6-8-high 12 points at two . Bynum has said, they lose the first battle, mainly in the defense lost the top, while the energy is not enough that the team focused. Bynum plays defense, so today it? Not nike shox After the first half, the Hornets starting center Emeka - Okafor 1 minute without, of course, with the opening whistle the referee that there are relations between the two, but the Hornets backup center Aaron - Gray, also only in the first half 2 points. The middle in the second quarter, Andrew Bynum gave Okafor blocks a very beautiful mind. But apparently, for the Lakers, Paul is the key constraints.Chaussures Sports To limit the omnipotence of Paul opener, the Lakers gave his up and down the plan, including Bynum: "We can not give him a lot of space, can not let him do whatever they want." Paul in terms of defense, Bynum also made its own contribution. Fourth quarter, he built out of the opening break shot of Paul, and in this section 7 minutes 35 seconds left, the Hornets are not in the outside third projection, the crowd danced Bynum grabbed the rebound. Paul and the Hornets this time ready to attack another player, but Bynum cling to the ball after landing hard in the ring waving elbows, although this action may hurt the opponent, but also shows that Andrew Bynum tough. April 13 this year, the Lakers beat the Spurs 102-93 at home to, won the crucial game. But the second section of the game, there have been very worried that the scene of the Lakers, Bynum was the Spurs defense stepped forward when the feet of Tony Blair, has repeatedly hurt the right knee sprain again. Lakers team doctor immediately ran over, and Kobe Bryant also very worried, back to the locker room immediately after the end of the midfield. 12 seconds left in the game, when Paul Bynum defensive foul, the game received a personal 6th foul and was sent off in advance. However, it is because Bynum has such hardness, so Bryant will be worried for him

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