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Ferrari engineers found the Chinese station in Shanghai has successfully removed a brain tumor
Sunday at 3 pm, Chinese Grand Prix grind around the corner, 24 cars lined up in the stadium track. Side of the Ferrari brand to attract two big cited everyone's attention. Air Shoes "Siamo Tutti Ciou Te! (We are always together)," "Paul, I wish you a speedy recovery!" Original, Ferrari hospitalized for their illness could not attend the race engineer Paul blessings. Last Monday afternoon, Ferrari troops arrive on the track early, tensions begin to prepare. Perhaps because separated by only a week between Malaysia, Airshoes we were a little tired, a mechanical engineer Paul Ferrari suddenly felt very uncomfortable on Thursday, the track's medical team immediately sent him to Ruijin Hospital. After diagnosis, the cause of Paul the brain aneurysm, must be immediately removed, otherwise there is risk of rupture, the worst case, even life-threatening. Thus, Ruijin Hospital surgery on him immediately and successfully removed lesions. Meanwhile, Ferrari immediately notify the family, Paul's family take the fastest flight to Shanghai. Friday morning, after waking up Paul and we have been able to make simple exchange. Subsequently, the Ferrari on the track medical team leader Domenicali to the high efficiency, highly commended the work of dedicated, "I especially want to thank the entire medical team on the track, they work efficiently, the people Life on the first one. "Although the situation improved Ferrari's engineers, but the Ferrari mediocre the past two years, this team is quite the main Chaussures Sports complaints. He even threatened that if the situation has not changed, Ferrari or to opt out. Currently, the new season after three races, the team with 50 points Larry temporarily third, less than half of Red Bull points. Montezemolo blasted F1 status quo, "the tactics and strategy is not the main factor F1 race. Now a lot of time to stop is not what we want, but including the high-loss range of issues, including tires, so we have to force the station. a steering wheel like a button to the same computer, the drivers not in the car, and have actually like in the control computer. "At the same time, Montezemolo on the car is more important than the driver is also very dissatisfied with this situation. "The last F1 race win by half a car's performance, half rely on the ability of the drivers. But now, the car accounted for 70%, which also made a lot of young inexperienced drivers are no longer trapped in." From the season, the designer Adrian Newey to Red Bull Racing has created unparalleled lap speed advantage. In the last 19 races, eight sub-stations have been the fastest lap of Red Bull in the bag. In this season, they even sweep the three pole positions. Montezemolo even said that Ferrari and the FIA's contract will expire at the end of 2012. If you go this year, F1 is still so he would not guarantee will remain in the F1 Ferrari family

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