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Mourinho: I just wish the dialogue with the director to be sent off Alves
"The most important game is the ability to Ayala from the 11, but who did not intend to end penalty be considered victory. I hope we can against Barca 11 to end the game." After the game against Tottenham,Air Shoes Mu Li Niao for the upcoming second round of the national derby has its own troubling, and both sides of the first 238 matchups although a draw, but the madman or worried before the race appeared, early on had to Real Madrid 10 fight, which the Portuguese have more reason to attack and let off steam. In an interview after the match, Mourinho grimaces, it is clear that he was not satisfied with the results of the game, after all, all the officers and men of Real Madrid have been doing the full,Nike Air Shoes but when the value of referee for Muniz - the penalty Fernandez veiled criticisms. As a "pro-Real Madrid," the judge not only fined Real Madrid a penalty, red card will be ejected directlyChaussures Sports , which Mourinho is very angry. "Always had to 10 against Barcelona, ​​I am so sick of this!" At the same time, Madman also slightly sarcastic tone, said: "Fortunately, although only 10 people we played equally well, but fortunately, we already prepared, in the case of a person less sent Adebayor we hope that some of the previous field played a more direct. "conversation started, Mourinho was unhappy to set the tone. And before the game, Mourinho is also difficult for all reporters everywhere, to be silent on that half the reporters come to interview angrily left the meeting. The match, Mourinho try to "lecture" a bit since he did not think that the quality of the journalists. "Are you in charge of your media? If you do not want dialogue with my assistant, then I tell you I just want to dialogue with you in charge. I only answer those who respect Carancahua the issues raised by the press to know card Lanka but had to follow to get the club champions of Europe, the attitude like you do not respect him highly. "refuted in something like a hail of bullets after Mourinho really did not answer the reporter's question, in answer to another reporter's question, the Portuguese said; "in the field of 11 evenly matched teams playing 11, we have opportunities. race should respect each other, opponents, after all, the strength of the two sides are very strong. However, among the waves in a calm renewed, as happened many times before as in the case of 10 playing 11, winning is not so easy to become so passive situation is also true of most teams, because Barcelona is not the ability to beat the ball , of course, they also encountered difficulties today. I have to say, we once again only 10 people, and is in a very long period of time, I would say the referee standard is difficult to convince me, I do not understand why阿尔韦奥尔 will be sent off, but no contrast, no penalty under Alves or booked, I asked the fourth official, and he told me that this is because Al Davis is a full-back ... ... "This answer to Jose Mourinho is very difficult to understand, but it had prompted him to make adjustments. "I tried to make that case that the team retreat, and played more direct. Cheering fans and players in the unremitting efforts, we finally equalized the score, and it almost win, although it is forced to accept a draw, But I hope next time when against Barcelona, ​​but also let them experience the taste of 10 people fighting, but clearly both in Spain or Europe, this is not happen. "Then, Mourinho added:" can be seen from the game, if it is 11 to 11 people, we are capable of the best teams in the world compete. But again we can only fight 10 people, and not only 5 minutes is a very long time, 阿尔韦奥尔 is because a red card will not be able to play King's Cup finals. "for the upcoming King's Cup final, Mourinho that the game's tension and intensity to the game and more than two Champions League semi-final. "As we all know, it was a decision championship, we are fully committed to win. Real Madrid, Barca do not need to study, as it has been well aware of them. Now, against the difficulty lies not in whether they know them, but rather the treatment of both the outside world standards are not equal. "Mourinho explained, for example:" my assistant can not go to the sidelines, and they can often run to the sidelines assistant; we speak are prohibited, and they were in control of the right to speak after the game before . But this is nothing for us, we will take a positive attitude and recognition to the fans, full of confidence to participate in King's Cup final. "




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