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Hayes first won three double Martin 34 points rockets tucking away win five straight men
Morning of March 24, the NBA (Puma Shoes) regular-season continue, the rockets home game against warriors, in hayes three pairs of performance, the rockets finally driven by 131-112 battle, won five straight, while six straight men encountered as the rocket, leaving home seventh consecutive beat the warriors.

Video: warriors negative rocket full-court chuckster blasting cut three pairs of Martin 34 points
Hayes leaving had 13 points and 11 assists, 14 rebounds career first take three double; And on a rockets beat the jazz, los Reese is just the first harvest career triple-double. Martin leaving had 34 points, replace bardeen case (Air Shoes ) as a starter's courteney lee contribution 25 points, scola 20 points and 10 rebounds, los Rachel 13 points and 12 assists. Many for the warriors ferrer - Wright had 34 points, Ellis 15 points.

In the first quarter emperor to cut 14 points

Hayes opening namely blunt rebounds help Martin hit of perimeter jumpers, scola continuous score derivation rocket 7-2 start. Driven by the Ellis blood-splattering mind Numbers against into play, and mighty warriors scored three goals Wright after 14 - and beyond. Liters of first hair courteney lee in the first quarter in the middle are probably even layups performance, the rockets, 24-18 to build the advantage.

Scola sustained rise points, the first quarter that cut down 14 points in the first paragraph, Martin after a goal is even; Although Ellis before the end of the first quarter, the rockets still hit far-flung 36-33 lead.

The rockets far-flung firepower gush zhang

Times before the attack has jumpers patterson period cut points, defense for David lee is sent out block; Courteney lee also continue to score momentum, and Martin hit three-pointers 49-40, the rockets put the game away. Inflation points in the standoff Della salihamidzic also hit long-range jumpers.

Times a rapid confrontation after the section both sides have drawn disorderly wars, the rockets six hit, warriors took the opportunity to form 7-0 offensive, chase into 57 flat. Since then courteney lee shoots 3-pointers, Martin more even send blunt basket of playing three points and long-range jumpers, the rockets 9-0 offensive end after 66-57 two.

One angry Lord mighty men

In the first half of the 5 0 for in the third section before los red hit of perimeter jumpers, courteney lee also quickly shoot into 3-pointers, rocket 74-61 expand advantage. Warriors with Wright with garage since probably runs to 76-83. Hayes successively assists los Reese, Paterson, midway through the third quarter rockets and form 9-0 offensive, put the game away to 92-76.
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Warriors emotional ups and downs, Ellis protest the referee to technical foul, David lee is infringed Martin was judged malicious. In a single day six rebounds sent out six assists the hayes, led the rockets into small 100-85.

Hayes first take three pairs

Three quarters hayes has scored nine points, 11 rebounds and 10 assists, small for two minutes later, hayes gets to the free-throw line, but two free throws with home fans lost a sigh. Small six and a half minutes, hayes, scoring in with a high trajectory career triple-double, first got his boiling Toyota center.

Courteney lee thereafter concatenation of perimeter jumpers, rockets -- 101 lead into the final 118 four minutes to secure, finale in advance. Since then the rockets have sent Jordan - hill, carol and new signing mike Harris. Eventually the rockets 131-112 victory.




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