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Beautiful media predict the London games China MEDALS shrink half America NO. 1
Beijing time on March 23 news, along with the London 2012 Olympics approaching, the world each big media began to predict the final results. Today, Air Shoes the famous American media USA today published, he thinks the United States will be back MEDALS, followed by top Chinese delegation, but the Beijing Olympic Games will shrink finished half compared. Athletes, flying fish Phelps was likely to continue to become more gold king.

In 2008, Beijing successfully hosted the 29th Olympic summer games, international Olympic committee President praised the "incomparable". Puma Shoes As host, the Chinese delegation, got a dominance over 51 gold, silver, and copper 21 excellent result, the first Olympic debut medal tally. Team USA with 36 gold, silver, and copper platoon 38 in the second, Russia criterion with 23 gold, silver and 28 copper platoon name 21 third.

Since 1992 start, the United States has held supremacy, Barcelona and Atlanta, Sydney, Athens four Olympic Games, the United States won the gold and all the medal table, its overall strength emphatic win. Especially in athletics, swimming, the United States obviously better than rivals. Until 2008, American monopoly was broken, but China the brigade in China 51 gold also created 20 years the number of Olympic gold medal.
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Enter the London games cycle, many projects between new and old replacement international experience, including giving away a number of veteran, also ushered in some promising young players. The London Olympics approaching, USA today according to these two years of each country in world championships, the World Cup, etc, the results of international competition for the London ranked each country's forecast.

The media thinks, London's Olympic team will be back MEDALS, according to their two performance, USA today predict when team USA can get 36 gold silver and copper scores 20. For China's achievements, the media, difficult to guess, according to balloons their editors revealed that China often with injuries to confuse opponents, only good players until London Olympics mountain, so China's mysterious. But USA today do believe China's number will shrink half, will likely get 27 gold and silver and copper grades. Russia's rankings, or no change in the third. Ten were 4-6 Britain, Germany, Australia, France, Japan, Italy and South Korea.

Athletes, USA today predict the American swimming flying fish Phelps was likely to continue to become more gold king, through two Olympics, London's Olympic perhaps will be he last played one Olympics, believe Phelps will go all out; Another swimming star robben's have some power cut, in addition to Jamaica, as many gold lightning bolton king leader.




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