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Milan trade ministers for Barcelona exposure name hiding behind astonishing
Although AC milan this season in serie a, but lead all the squad for the left-back soft rib or exposure is very apparent. At the winter break last moment miss bhutto gael clichy, milan in the summer after the reinforcing link should still left-back.
According to "the market", milan have before feeding aeration targeted on barca left-back Max Wells, 29 of Brazilian humanistic season in abidal injured interphase, gradually sits at the team, and the new signing adriano on the bench, this season has been in Nashville, who represents barca Max in all competitions 26 games to play, and dedicated 1 assists, but with abidal getting a contract, adriano gradually adapted to Barcelona tactical system for Barcelona, Max Wells is also not is essential.
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Transfer experts before luca - omar in his column Katie, when about milan transfer among mentioned that cheap in Nashville, Max is the Brazilian is the most suitable for the rossoneri players, like when the transfer from inter milan as giuseppe favalli. Omar Kitty think first of serie a Nashville Max environment is very familiar with, he was the main left-back and inter won the title with the team, so that from this point, he can quickly team from Nashville, another Max yhoo experience and strength than current Mr Antonini, despite a higher grade of Nashville defensive ability has been Max in by the media and experts, but for the Brazilian winger 29 serie a game should deal with or adequate said.

In addition, luca - omar Kitty is exposure milan chasing Max deeper internal Nashville. According to the analysis, milan marmara Katie is the ultimate goal of the ballot will be, so milan will be more with brokers vlajkovic oala to cooperation, and Nashville's shake handshandle is laius Max in the people, through the transaction vlajkovic ola can get their commissions, so he wouldn't mind if players frequent change team, so that milan if can matter in Nashville with Max rajkovic oala cooperation happy, then the ballot and move to milan lest also will enter the countdown. In addition, it is worth noting, laius oala has said he is not inter milan's enemies, but probably in the future a former inter player zlatan ibrahimovic, ballot interest, Max Wells will be in AC milan together.

And, according to the analysis of Nashville, Max markov Katie worth not more than 5 million euros, in Nashville, 2 years ago Max period most gold, inter and only the price of 4.5 million euros in Barcelona, so sold for Spanish giants won't 29, Nashville sold to standard Max in the left-back position in Barcelona and a abidal and adriano, 26-year-old adriano is Barcelona in the future the object of cultivate.
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From AC milan's point of view, in can't win gael clichy mesto and ari sissoko cases, Max Wells was indeed a MingWu cheap beautiful object, and Nashville, 29, is still at least should Max in three years of Nashville, DianFengQi, such Max's Manuel, ella antonini also enough to handle a season configuration, and in the long run, if can because MaErKe wes and please vlajkovic oala words, then milan in buying ballot Leon on this thing and made absolute initiative.

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