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Preview: TEDA aiming straight underdog Osaka seek to defend the dignity of weakness
Time: 19:30 March 15

Location: the teda stadium

Tianjin teda VS against both sides: the steel and Osaka
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Tencent sports news Beijing time March 15 19 points scored 30 points, the champions league for the second round will open. Tianjin teda stadium in TaiDaDui against Osaka steel ba team. First, both teams win this game if who can win undoubtedly will lay a solid foundation for the knock-out stages. Road victory over jeju-do united ended every Korean super afc champions after 11 straight, TaiDaDui confident, coach ALiHan said that they had found the soft rib of steel and Osaka, will strive to take all three points at home to win two wins.
Background: Japan strong incentive Osaka
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Because Japan happened 9.0 magnitude earthquake, all weekend, and the league suspension J, corresponding afc champions also affected. Among them, Nagoya whale eight and alain, LuDao antlers and Sydney FC two games will be postponed. However, the teda and Osaka steel ba team unaffected, March 13 at noon, Osaka team has duly arrived in tianjin. At present, the earthquake in Japan still continue to bring pain. The game for Blackburn Osaka, for steel and special significance. Osaka team boss west wild lang said: "the whole team will turn grief into strength, to play the game." In a game, it seems, morale, still want for victory, Osaka teams are not comparable to the teda. In all fairness, TaiDaDui want to victory will not be easy.

Rival: attack ability is horrible

Osaka steel ba belongs to the typical tech team, Japan international YuanTengBaoRen is the midfield core. The team's characteristic is exquisite, skilled players with pursuit, attack ground fast fluent. The most important is, Osaka steel with terrorist attack baal. Last season, they scored 65 in J league ball; The champions league opener against Melbourne victory team is 5 to 1 blew out opponents. Osaka numerous, except the captain's attacker YuanTengBaoRen, and new foreign aid adriano, former south Korean international LiGen (micro Po) picks, etc. And Melbourne team games, two person has the offense, and contributed assists, shows the overall tactical ability. In recent years, the team and Osaka steel and super afc champions twice against teams in all in big score sweepstakes. In 2006, dalian shide road (micro Po) team lost 3-0; 2009, shandong luneng (micro Po) once again in 3-0 rout.
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Strategy: set-piece + air bombardment

Despite the strong technical force, the steel and Osaka, without any weakness but is not. And many Japanese teams, Osaka players generally is not high, the shape of the defence only a defender height over 1 meter, prevent high balls 80 insufficient capacity is their short board. Whether the league or the crown, Osaka steel most of all bashan from the air clean sheet. TaiDaDui can completely took this as a breakthrough, to Osaka team in the game to implement "air bombardment". A source says ALiHan already determined let Argentina starting line-up, old foreign luciano move is to use luciano strong body shock Osaka team defence. TaiDaDui recently also highlighted the corner, free kick drill. An impasse in the game, scored set-pieces will become effective means, Chen tao, WuWei pins is superior, if can score from set-pieces grasping time, maybe you can decide win-loss.

Expect: kawasaki scene repeat victory over

In 2009, the first joined the champions league 3-1 at home to barrick TaiDaDui kawasaki striker, created a classic battle anti-japanese afc champions. Two years later, the team expect can repeat the scene, like two years ago over as victory over Osaka kawasaki! At present, the TaiDaDui array, no apparent injury problems. Play the YuDaBao scoring the winning goal, the game will continue to show his speed in wide with breakthrough. Most make the team exciting moments, three years after LiWeiFeng return to replace him. With the game, the "big ZuoLiJi neighboring right lee" combination with zero sealing jeju-do united; The match, with better LiWeiFeng hope to send a performance GaoHongBo gifts.




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