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Paul hit his head still tragic to leave the body fixed Shutaimuzhi
March 7, today's New Orleans Hornets and Cleveland Cavaliers away games, the Hornets misfortune, Air Shoes the team headed star - Chris Paul injured in the competition, landing the head and had to be physically carried out of court fixed stretcher . The 4 th All-Star player is injured in the third quarter, when Paul, a breakthrough high-speed ball, but the face of the Rider Ramon - Sessions and Samuels double-team defense, Paul lost focus, lose the ball forehead after heavy hit Sessions of the right shoulder, Nike Air Shoesthen fell down the field Paul, Paul lying in court has been unable to get up, both players are very concerned about the situation around to observe the Paul side. Paul subsequently was placed on a stretcher, his body lived all been fixed, especially in key parts of the head and neck with a protective ring in place. Both players and staff are very concerned about the injury Paul, Paul was stretchered off in the field, said he gave the audience a thumbs-up situation was normal, the fans standing ovation bless Paul. Chaussures Sports adidas-sneaker.jpg
Paul Cleveland is currently being sent to the hospital on the way, he did not lose consciousness because of the collision. The game, in 26 minutes, Paul had 13 points and 11 assists.

Paul subsequently was placed on a stretcher, his body lived all been fixed奋斗
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支持!I like the shoes,and I think that will be very nice if use the shoes with the cosplay costumes.
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