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Bayern Munich for the German goalkeeper van geel: united at all costs
This week German cup semi-final bayern Munich VS schalke 04, has evolved into a keeper struggle, which includes both bayern new door grams with goalkeeper Robert neuer's face to face competition, and contains bayern and schalke on neuer's title. Beijing time March 2, Air Shoes according to the German "Munich daily news, bayern coach Louis van gaal claims the club in the summer at all costs will chase noyle, if now goalkeeper grams kraft grumbling can go, In addition, schalke, chairman of the links within the club confirmed, united have to consult, officially join the ranks for abroad.

The fan in the bundesliga last season before making the tipoff between the allianz arena, Nike Shoes For Women about whether to chase schalke captain noyle, bayern unprecedented opinion unification. Who had been outside of the psychological understanding as a high-level speech, has basically from bravado category. Old goalkeeper butwal made clear at the end of the season and he retired probably to bayern youth goalkeeping coach terry, a remaining grams of kraft and without any experience of Sartre's meyer's two goalkeepers. Even so, the Dutchman is fiercely goalkeeper noyle approval. leave no room: "if grams kraft cannot face competition, that he could leave, also the above rules apply to any other player."

Bayern Munich manager to win neuer's desire has reached the position, he shall not accept two consecutive days, Chaussures Sports "Munich newspaper he only talk about reasons.there now schalke captain problem:" we have decided to purchase a world class goalkeeper in the summer, if Manuel - noyle can smoothly to join in, we will also have two German top keeper. Of course it all depends on his advice, I would like to say is a club will pay any price will noyle to the allianz arena." Schalke captain and now his contract until 2012 summer expires, though ruhr club leadership has repeatedly said: "even leave him until 2012 summer on a free transfer, nor would noyle selling early." But the German media analysis: sell noyle may lead to 20 million euros earnings, to alleviate the club fiscal pressures benefits quite a lot.

What is worth mentioning, the German cup semi-finals also noyle and grams kraft first on the pitch direct dialogue, which is excellent or worse, tall what is low - through the game can be clear at a glance to directly compare. "Munich daily columnist disseminations eph coordinating here special mention:" bayern Munich and schalke 04 battle, is two German goalkeeper Thomas grams kraft and Manuel - noyle fighting between two. The first direct confrontation, on the pitch for the first time in his post-match have a direct comparison: who is the best goalkeeper in Germany." "If the dream get noyle, I hope to see him and Thomas competition between a top giants requires two world-class keeper. Louis van gaal want to see is possible team competition.

In recent days, relates to the bayern buy neuer's voice has come from all sides, including some convergence to suppress and refuted. Small fly xia robben, who has a year ago the German cup semi-final scored in a wonderful goal, he reminded written teammates do not fear the exciting was second with bayern barrick staged god level play goalkeeper. Robben declared: "I know he is a great goalkeeper, but he is not invincible, at least noyle also not a superman." While bayern members-from coach ottmar hitzfeld is remind club fans should be considered opinion: "noyle Germany is the best goalkeeper, but I know more about grams. Thomas has the strength to occupy kraft bayern team, and fans can't underestimate the opinions of the people prefer to bayern Munich: youth system training player."

Bayern Munich Germany goalkeeper bought road is difficult, miners die-hard disruption, schalke club is a disgrace. / better shameful life hostility toward the bundesliga giants are already enough today and join the reds for can let more noyle future where the lottery. According to bild news, schalke, chairman of the links within the said: "Manchester united has written to express the neuer's interest, we would as soon as possible deal with it." Manchester united old retired no one can carry door Edwin van der SAR, they covet German goalkeeper already known, but rather ironically: the reds must at bayern miners wars before writing shows?

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