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La Liga - Real Madrid 0-0 two-post difference in the Barcelona goal 7 minutes and was blown Lo C
February 27 morning, the 25th round of the Primera Liga club Deportivo guest challenges, Adebayor and C Lo has hit the column, unable to break Tie Tongzhen Real Madrid, 0-0 away draw against relegation team, the end of the three straight points to 7 points by Barcelona opened. Video: Real Madrid stars blunderbus C Luo Kaka are useless long-range 81 times the two teams clash in history, 45 wins 18 Level 18 Real Madrid dominated the negative, but the score is 11 off war level of 16 wins and 13 losses, until the last season away defeat opponents before the end of 19 years in the Li Yasuo victorious, fighting off an embarrassing six-game losing streak record. The campaign Casillas back end of a red card suspension, but Hedi La absence of competition due to a leg injury, compared with weeks in the Champions League, Marcelo, Las - Diyala, Kaka and Benzema starting rotation also get the opportunity . The first 4 minutes, C Luo Zhong extraordinary wear profile, Lopo blocking foul but the referee let the Primera Liga chi Wang, C Luo kick volley was turned back, Alonso and then spread to the restricted area to pick the right side of the ball, Ramos unguarded artillery volley hit. 2 minutes later, Ramos-right pass, Benzema headed in front of most threats, but the French offside. 12 minutes, Kaka and the external wall with Benzema, Kaka on the right break into the closed angle volley kicker, hit a little higher than the doorway. 2 minutes later, La midfielder Ruben - Perez, long-range restricted area before the kicker, the ball easily be Casillas. The first 18 minutes, Ruben - Perez, long-range again, this time wide of the door. 20 minutes, Kaka the ball, C Luo restricted area before the kick long-range, is also Air Shoes confiscated. After 1 minute, breaking the right-wing cross struck Ozil, C Luo at the top of the arc the ball back to do, Alonso welcome Nushe or above the lintel ball. Bottom right side of the ball strong Benzema breakthrough attack siege Chudi Xian two defenders, but the La C Lo Carvalho to guard against very tight, Alonso on the right corner to open, press and hold the far point Benzema Ke Luotuo burst header, the ball after playing to Nike Shox confiscated. 25 minutes, then open corner Alonso, Benzema grabbed the header still points the same position, but unable to be Nike Chaussures Femme shakes off foam. 29 minutes, Kaka shot hit the guard closed the upper left corner kicker refraction, C Lo succeed in front of blank range, but the referee disallowed the goal because the goalkeeper interference C Lo offside, the Portuguese referee was not satisfied. 30 minutes, the right-wing pass Ramos, C Luo almost Beiduiqiumen top header slightly higher. Mourinho sidelines of a heated argument with the linesman, the referee obviously strong views. 39 minutes, Kaka the ball, step left foot Ozil strongly restricted area before the adjustment of long-range, very high quality to play a little pity. 44 minutes, the Thunder the ball, Guardado kick completed a rare shot for the right wing, was also denied. After 1 minute, La Coruna fast counterattack, Adrian restricted the right of return heel Juan - Rodriguez, Las - the key to the restricted area of Diyala complete steals, and resolve most threatening rival in the mass cooperation. Half, with rival Real Madrid 0-0 Introduction. Opening the second half for 10 seconds, C Lo 25 yards from the door kicker Lengshe point quite Diao, Nike Chaussures Homme Cepu racket Chudi Xian. After the siege of Madrid was still a threat to the corner, pick Ozil sent into the box outside the area, the match headed siege not far, restricted Nei Kaka Ramos continuously hit the door, unfortunately have been back Dangxia. 48 minutes, Kaka frontier closed area and long-range kicker, Cepu ball pressed. Pepe anxious after fiercely down the foul from behind Juan - Rodriguez, natural escape a yellow card. Dumas played while Liberia and Emmanuel Adebayor, Kaka and Las removed - Diarra, Real Madrid to play two-center change. 62 minutes, Dumas Maria manufacturing free kick, but the small-angle volley C Lo on the left is gone. After 3 minutes, Ozil corner pass, beat defender Emmanuel Adebayor header hoisting, are too far away to be goalkeeper. C Lo opponents forced break trip, Ozil hanging kick back post, or less than cheat. The first 74 minutes, Adebayor instigated back, Dumas left oblique hanging Liberia restricted to the right side of the ejection kicker C Lo was turned back. 2 minutes later, Adebayor on the right break the ball was swept down Morrel, C Luo extraordinary volley kick went straight to the goal wall, closed out the ball. 77 minutes, Ozil on the right with a cross, Adebayor closed left rib cage kicker shot, rebound the ball hit the column, then hit back again in the column pop-up bottom line. The first 82 minutes, C Luo right oblique breaking into the box, hit the left post bounce, Dumas Maria goalkeeper was again brilliant long-range kicker closed Chudi Xian. 2 minutes later, Fernando Alonso with a cross on the right, C Luo Wang knock before Benzema missed parts of outflanking is free. Injury time, Benzema or leave the restricted area of suspected opponents, the referee had not said. Deportivo La Coruna (4-2-3-1): ; Laure, Lopo, Ke Luotuo, Morrel; Thomas, Ruben - Perez; Adrian (72 ' Prasad), Juan - Rodriguez, Guardado (55 'Pablo - Alvarez); Thunder Real Madrid (4-2-3-1): Casillas; Ramo Adams, Pepe, Carvalho, Marcelo; Las - Diarra (61 'Adebayor), Alonso; Ozil, Kaka (61' Dumas Maria), C Ronaldo more;




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