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In jia exclusive: the rockets abandon perimeter defense big movement behind it, there is inside
In jia exclusive: the rockets abandon perimeter defense big movement behind on February 25, today is NBA2010-11 mid-season trade deadline, in this crazy night, again how teams a season's last major adjustment. There has been a lot of unexpected transaction, the rockets to send away shane battier and small cloth and the celtics are at the last moment warns, all is appalling. Famous basketball commentator in jia (micro Po) for the midterm transactions in the exclusive comments:
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Big movement behind it, there is inside

Had to say, this is a crazy medium-term trade on trade deadline, incredibly before there was a big movement, but also the history is rare. To be sure, all the clubs so big moves, compared with the upcoming collective bargaining agreement of a great relationship. Everybody while agreement before the last moment for the big deal, the purpose is to balance squad. The province of money to save money, the reinforcing reinforcement, the expectation of future reconstruction. So just can appear so big movement of the transaction.

The rockets simply give up perimeter defense
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The rockets trade battier and small cloth, first said battier things. Tower bits in the paint has certain potential, it now seems that his strength and did not reach the NBA's main standards. But the rockets are waiting to rebuild it, also be the good choice for the squad after the rockets at half-time in attack and positional warfare was greater than before have more abundant tactical system and opportunity. Problem is, battier left, the rockets just almost gave up his help, leak and exterior line passing. Interestingly, the rockets do this and then gave up completely perimeter defense. Because be li or bardeen case, can replace battier position.

As for small cloth, the rockets traded after he lost the certain attack power, but cannot be affected by his mindless floaters such interference, Della salihamidzic ability and potential than he is big, from this point for, the rockets are not suffer.

The celtics left hidden trouble

The celtics all to do so, we must focus on one point: besides the celtics yourself, no one knows exactly what the knee perkins became like. And also made clear before perkins, must ask the celtics provide matching salaries, so the celtics will send to walk, also has the reason. Another nate + west + daniels by collective package built around after, who go to act as the celtics backup point guard? Don't want to play this position? Ray Allen This is my personal very cannot understand the point.

In aggregate, the celtics acquired a heap of draft picks, it looks like they're already looking forward to the future, and they want to grasp now, but this kind of both and think of how balance, will see the future of their game.

Thunder against Celtic unspoken rules
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Judging from the paper, thunder is some margin. Have a healthy perkins, thunder after have and the spurs and lakers PK strength. And we said alliance has two factions, one is the spurs department, one is the celtics department, currently your thunder and the celtics relationship just, you know ray Allen was thunder send out. So, at present, the celtics in transaction, the first choice to choose thunder, also not makes no sense. After all, the NBA is an extremely exquisite connections place.

Yao's future

At present I get news, yao is now making good progress and physical condition is great. For yao, for his biggest problem is not the future play, but where the labor dispute whether alliance can be relieved. Yao can do is to restore their own bodies, good for him his team, it still has a long time to choose, to consider. But can be affirmed is, as long as yao body no problem, still have team ready to sign him, take the risk with insider

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