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Kobe Bryant: not importune MVP anger buckle James is very interesting
On February 21, 2008 in 2011 all-star game in Los Angeles, Bryant yong cut 37 points and 14 rebounds, three steals western all-star team to help 148-143 narrow east all-star team. After the game, Bryant got "all-star game MVP", this is his career fourth awarded the title, thus eclipsing Emmanuel petit, tied for the first time,. After the game, Bryant said in interviews the honor of mood.
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Q: kobe, you always say you despise criticism. Tonight, how do you feel? Do you think whether use action answered since last week to all your criticism?

A: no, I just don't care much criticism just. I in so many rich fervor young players under the influence of also has many wonderful dunk. They inspired my motivation, but the fourth quarter, because I'm pooped dunk physical already overdrawn.

Q: we know that this is your last period of home the all-star game, whether for this reason you behave so excited and hope to get the MVP?

A: no. I'm just trying to play. I have a strong sense of responsibility, because we were fans voted to the all star player. The fans want to see our efforts to play.
Q: did you ever think of record?

Answer: of course. But frankly, in order to dunk my legs are straight out, especially in the first.

Q: you said young players inspired your morale, does that mean you hope to see the team can have new young players to join?

Answer: (laughs) that I can't fool enough to answer this your problem.

Q: in lebron dunk felling how? Talk about your feelings

Answer: in fact are very interesting, because I saw the ball comes, I just want to get rid of James as soon as possible after come (hurriedly get a dunk). But I later said to him, if I want to ready for jump higher above the rim to buckle, he will probably she follows blocks.

Q: do you think which part is the most wonderful tonight?
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Answer: each moment is wonderful, was a bit like in the dressing room, then everyone laughing atmosphere. This, to me, is the most interesting.




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