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Benitez, or return to La Liga
February 19 morning, according to "Aspen" message, the former Liverpool and Inter Milan manager Rafael Benitez would like to get back, Atletico Madrid and he has already had some contact sheets corps next season and hope to replace Benitez Front Luo Leisi Calderon Stadium as the new owner. Since the end of December last year, after school from Inter, Benitez has been idling at home. Recently, this master tactician and returned to Spain, and accepted the "Aspen Daily" in an interview, Benitez praised the club and Mourinho,Air Shoes and admits that some clubs have been invited to send their own, he will accompany his family After enjoying a period of time, to determine their own future. Benitez, now 50 years old, has a brilliant coaching experience, he wins, who led Valencia 2 La Liga titles, broke into the Top 8 in the Champions League and won the UEFA Cup. Came to Liverpool, Benitez soon the Red Army conquered the demanding fans, among his six seasons bring to Liverpool a Champions League trophy, one FA Cup and a Community Shield Cup, the only regret only took a second place in the Premiership. Last summer, as Inter coach Rafa Benitez, despite helping to get the Nerazzurri the Italian Super Cup and World Club Cup, but because of poor record in the league, as well as high-level differences, Spanish 23 December 2010 Day dismissed. With such a brilliant coaching experience, is of major team Benitez coveted object. After back home in Madrid, Atletico Madrid club with the advantage of proximity to the first to have contact with Benitez. According to sources, Benitez hopes to spend time in the future some more time to his family, stay in Madrid is the best choice, and Benitez also challenge Barcelona and Real Madrid seem very interested. Atletico coach Flores is in the current dire straits,Shoes With Air even though he won last season led the EU sheets Army Cup for the club for 14 years without a crown out of the embarrassing situation. But in this season, Atletico Madrid in the number of reported lost on both fronts, the last round of league 1-2 defeat to Valencia, the team ushered in an awkward five-game losing streak, now only 30 points behind championship No. 11. Atletico aim at for the World War, such a result is unable to rise to the Atletico fans and accountable. "Aspen newspaper," said the Atletico Madrid high-level talks have been looking for Flores to the team's record now, he is difficult to support the next season. If the class Flores, Benitez will be Atletico's first choice for this rumor, Benitez's agent, Nike Chaussures Femme Garcia - Kuilong'd appeared to be very cautious, "I welcome any team contact us , Atletico? they now have a coach ... ... "Atletico hopes, Benitez could be the secret weapon against arch-rivals Real Madrid. After all, their strength is not weak army sheets, how to integrate the team, need to see the skill of Benitez. As for Mourinho, Benitez is familiar, in the Premier League, the two are old rivals, the two coached several times in the Premiership Liverpool and Chelsea Champions League or even played against each other the winner. Today, they are expected to last in the league, adjourned to the edge of opponents.




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