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O'Sullivan was traced to a car accident caused by speeding
Local time on February 14, according to "The Sun" reported that O'Sullivan had a car accident.Air Shoes The snooker star driving his Mercedes sports car crashed into a roadside garden, but fortunately not injured. Tomorrow morning he will play in the Welsh Open snooker. Reported that O'Sullivan was driving cars worth £ 150,000 Mercedes sports car ready to go home, only to result in body wet skid road, crashed into a roadside garden, wooden doors, unfortunately, hit a trailer, the last vehicle plant into the garden fence. It is reported that the road speed limit of 60 mph, O'Sullivan was probably speeding. A witness who lives nearby described the scene, "O'Sullivan did not appear life-threatening, but it was a great shock. He did not apologize for the destruction of the garden, and appears to care more about their car.Chaussures Sports " Witnesses said O'Sullivan lucky enough, if you stick the garden bar of a fence over the windshield, he probably would have been dead. Many witnesses believe that the car has been scrapped O'Sullivan, O'Sullivan's spokesman said that at present do not know the car can not be repaired. Car big loss, O'Sullivan feel bad, but he was fighting the Welsh Open draw

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