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Generation superstar Ronaldo suddenly announced his retirement officially bid farewell to football
Ronaldo and Corinthians contract is supposed to expire until the end of 2011, but before the aliens have repeatedly hinted at any time may announce his retirement, to accept the "São Paulo Page News" interview, Ronaldo sad said: "I really wanted to continue playing, but I can not hold on any longer, it is time stopped." Since the end of 2008, Air Shoes returned to Brazil to join Corinthians, Ronaldo headed families dream Lin Dian won the Brazilian league and the South American Libertadores Cup last season, the aliens had to be closer to Pakistan A league title, but fell short of success at the last moment. Ronaldo continued to fight on support, and only South American Libertadores Cup temptation, but God's people get, Corinthians in the new season, the Copa America is on the qualifying champions Tolima, Colombia eliminated. Early exit from the Copa Libertadores, so that the Corinthians ushered in a major earthquake, first, Roberto - Carlos the left, 37-year-old left-back for the world by fans of the intimidation and threats to leave the club to see an old friend of the left, Ronaldo is not mind the taste. Copa Libertadores out, the radical Corinthians fans were violent protests, which makes Ronaldo felt very uncomfortable, and he has publicly expressed the hope for the Corinthians Tixia Qu, "This is a difficult time,Chaussures Sports After the communication with family and friends, I hope to continue Ti Xiaqu, I believe that through our efforts to keep the team back on top, and I will fulfill my contract. "but only a few days later, Ronaldo to change their idea. In the last week of training, Ronaldo once again strained his muscles, which let him know that 34 was no longer young, and after some careful consideration, Ronaldo made the decision to retire early. Ronaldo, 34, 18 years ago from Brazil, Cruzeiro debut, since embarked on a legendary journey. In Eindhoven, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Real Madrid and AC Milan, Ronaldo has a brilliant footprint. 14 years in European football, Ronaldo scored in 402 games, an astonishing 273 goals. The "alien," said the Brazilian Ronaldo is undoubtedly the greatest football players in history, one of his World Cup 4 times, 2 wins World Cup, and World Cup scorer of 15 goals, he also crowned World Player of the 3rd, leaving behind a record of many brilliant people will always look up the back. Career: 2009-2010 on the effectiveness of Baxi Ke Lin Dian: participating in 43 games, 25 goals in AC Milan, Italy 2007-2008, the effectiveness of: Entry 9 of 20 field goals in the effectiveness of Real Madrid 2002-2006: 127 games competition effectiveness of 82 goals in Inter Milan 1997-2001: 49 goals in 68 games participating in the effectiveness of Barcelona, Spain, 1996-1997:Nike Air Force Ones Entry 37 of 34 field goal effectiveness of Eindhoven, the Netherlands in 1994-1995: 45 games into the competition effectiveness of the ball 42 Brazil Cruzeiro 1993-1994: 26 goals in 30 games competition Brazil: National Team A-97 tournament played the ball into the top five leagues, 66: 225 Total number of goals scored 165 career total Number: 413 global entry into the World Cup 602 games: 15 goals of total entries fourth scorer scored the first individual honor: World Cup 1994 Eredivisie top scorer in La Liga top scorer in 1995, the European Golden Boot 1997 World 19,972,004 Footballer 199619972002 19972002 European Footballer of the UEFA Cup World Cup 1998 top scorer (8 Ball) 2002 league champion 2003, 2007 Lawrence Award 2003 FIFA World Player of the youngest (1996-20 years) the most European Footballer of the young (1997-21 years) the best scorer of 15 goals in World Cup history Serie A Player of the 2007 Oscar for years soccer goalkeeper to play in the history of Buddhism had the most players, "Marca" the best striker in the history of 2009




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